Lawsuit Drama: Joseline Puts Althea and Benzino on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline Hernandez claimed much of what viewers see on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” is fake during her deposition for the lawsuit Benzino’s fiancée Althea filed against her for the reunion violence, but now the reality star claims in a new Instagram post that the couple is now having second thoughts about going forward with the suit.

According to Joseline, Althea allegedly called her recently suggesting she would drop the suit if Joseline could get Mona Scott Young to agree to pick her and Benzino back up for another season (the couple was fired months ago):

joseline instagram
joseline instagram 2


  1. I believe Joseline. Benzino and Althea also lied a couple of days ago on IG and said they are having a baby, just to delete it an hour later. They are so thirsty to get back on LHHATL or a spinoff show. And it’s weird to me because I thought Benzino has money. So why is he being so thirsty?

    1. Wait…what? That was a lie? Damn, both they a-ses need to get dragged for this sh-t. Jose a lot smarter than I gave her credit for since she caught the whole convo on tape. Lemme see No-neck weasel his way outta this.

      1. Yes, they lied. I see some blogs are being gullible and running with it anyway like they didn’t just fake breaking up a few months ago and laugh at bloggers for picking up the story. I wish UB wouldn’t blog about these two thirsty idiots. Benzino is on Twitter right now trying to go at blogs for picking up this story like the cry baby he is.

        1. Oh snap. He tried to come for UB when he was following them on Twitter. And they just blocked him and kept it moving. Lol! I love UB.

          1. Honestly I would block him too if I was a blogger. He’s a fool and not worth arguing with. He throws tantrums over the dumbest things and that’s why he was fired. The minute he tried to fight that producer I knew he was done. He stays shooting himself in the foot.

        2. He argues with everyone on Twitter. He blocked my friend because she told him he should rent a neck for his wedding day. LOL. He’s lame.

    2. I knew they were attention whoring as soon as Althea posted that dumb sh-t. Now what real couple informs their s/o they are pregnant on Instagram? They are so f-cking wack.

  2. They are sh-t out luck though because they started filming already. Hell the show comes back on next month.

    1. That’s what I want to know. Benzino actually has money and owns a magazine. I can understand Althea being thirsty because she has nothing going on really, but I don’t get Benzino.

  3. Joseline is probably telling the truth. I don’t put nothing past Althea and Benzino these two thirst levels are at all time high these days.

  4. Damn why the f-ck can’t they just accept they ain’t on the show no more? Both of them were talking mad sh-t about how ratchet the reunion was and how they are above the show, but they keep crying about being fired. Makes no f-cking sense. They should be glad to be away from Mona’s pimp hand, but they’re begging to be pimped out some more. Sad sh-t.

  5. They aren’t above doing this. You can tell by how they act on Instagram and Twitter that they miss the attention. That’s why they faked breaking up and now being pregnant. It’s really pathetic to see what some people do when the fame ends.

  6. But Althea was assaulted. Why would either one of them want to still be on the show? Damn is the money that good?

    1. She was never really mad about that. Althea and Benzino wanted to be the stars of the show, and when that didn’t happen they started scheming on the producers. But the fact is they don’t have what it takes to be the stars. Hate em or love em, Stevie and Joseline are naturals at this.

  7. Y’all I think we need to be real here and just admit Benzino’s magazine isn’t doing that well. Why else would he have been so pressed about being fired? They need the checks and Mona rightfully is paying them dust. They should not have filed the lawsuit. The network had no choice but to fire them at that point.

  8. I don’t care about Benzino or his chick anymore. They are no longer on the show. And they won’t be missed. Just let me know when the new season comes on. I can’t wait for a new season of ratchetness.

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