Waka Flocka Gets Caught up over Joseline/Stevie J Beef?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The internet is still buzzing about Joseline Hernandez’s rampage at the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion, and it’s clear her cast mates aren’t happy with her actions. Waka Flocka was a no-show at the LHHATL reunion, and some question if his attendance would have prevented Joseline Hernandez from attacking his wife Tammy Rivera. Perhaps Tammy agrees because the other day she posted the following perceived threat to her Instagram account before deleting it (screenshot obtained by Straight From The A):

tammy rivera instagram


Tammy promptly deleted the photo because Waka is currently on probation and isn’t supposed to be carrying firearms. Interestingly enough, rumors suggest deleting the photo hasn’t stopped Waka from being investigated.

Music Times reports:

The problem—and it’s a really big problem—is that in the candid shot Waka is seen holding a gun. Having any kind of weapons in his possession is in direct violation of Waka’s current probation terms. After the photo went viral yesterday it didn’t take long before someone tipped off the Feds and we’re hearing that they have already been in touch with the rappers attorney. Clearly this started off as a grudge match between Rivera and Hernandez but now it looks like the real loser could easily be Waka Flocka Flame. A probation violation could be a slam dunk because there is solid proof that Waka had a weapon in his possession.


  1. So where’s the person who said Joseline was worse than everyone else? Like I said, everyone on this show is on the same level. All of them are ratchets and this just proves it.

  2. Damn, Wacka! None of these fools have more than one active brain cell between them. Posting a gun photo…really Tammy? And what? Like Joseline still wouldn’t have whopped both their a-ses?

  3. Cowards bring guns to a fistfight. Say what you want about Joseline, but she came with nothing but her two hands and Tammy had to go get her husband and his gun to clap back. She’s such a damn punk.

    1. No, you’re right. If a woman really loves her husband, she’s not going to encourage him to do anything to get him put in jail. Tammy obviously doesn’t have Waka’s best intentions at heart.

  4. Tammy’s bird tendencies is going to land Waka right in jail. Real gangstas move in silence and don’t announce sh-t on social media.

  5. Tammy girl sit your punk a-s down. You had an opportunity to be big and bad at the reunion, and instead you got you cheap a-s weave pony tail snatched off your pea a-s head. Don’t get Waka put in jail because you can’t fight your own battles.

  6. How stupid. And I wish celebs understood that once you put something on the internet, it’s there forever even after you delete it.

  7. Just dumb. I can’t even follow their thought process on this. Despite the fact that threatening with a gun is going too far, if you’re man is on probation, why in the world would you post a photo on the internet of him with a gun? They ain’t too bright…

  8. And this is why it was hypocritical for Tammy and the rest of the hypocrites to talk about Joseline and all her “issues” part 2 of the reunion. All of these people are phucked up.

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