Watch: Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez Discuss Reunion Fights

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez have angered their LHHATL cast mates since they caused ruckus at the reunion which involved Joseline attacking Althea Heart, Tammy Rivera and Mimi Faust.

The incident resulted in Althea slapping Joseline with a lawsuit and Benzino exposing them constantly on his social media accounts.

In a sneak peek of the final part of the reunion, Joseline explains why she went on a rampage and she says none of it would have happened if Benzino and Althea would have kept their mouths shut:


  1. I still think Joseline planned to knock heads off from jump. Didn’t matter what Benzino said that day she was ready.

    1. He could have just restrained Joseline like a real man. Real men don’t jump in a woman’s fistfight and throw punches. That’s insane.

    2. But his little “fans” will say otherwise but at the same time tell you Joseline was so wrong for fighting. So much hypocrisy in all of this.

    3. I’m sorry, I know you’re not supposed to hit a woman, but I think Joseline got what she deserved. She fights like a man, and most women going up against her are going to lose…big time. I don’t normally condone violence, but when it comes to protecting me and mines, I’ll take anybody on. Joseline came to do some serious damage, and she threw the first blow. She attacks both men, and women. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Unpopular opinion, I know!

      1. She fights like a man? Nah. I’ve yet to see her hurt anyone. Hair pulling does not equate to fighting like a man. She pulled Althea’s hair and scratched her a few times, and Benzino’s midget a-s slugged her seconds later like the b-tch he is. Yall give Jose too much credit. I don’t do her but even I can admit Benzino’s little a-s hitting her was some b-tch sh-t and no real man would cosign that sh-t.

        1. Ask Erica how Joseline hits…hair pulling is just one aspect of how she fights. I watched that altercation over a few times, and it looked Joseline punched Althea to me. I can’t stand Benzino or Althea’s nasty behind but there is no way I was going to sit by and let that rampaging, woman attack my loved one. Never gonna happen! Watching at least 3 big security men trying, and for the most part, failing to control her, I totally understand Benzino’s reaction.I don’t think he was wrong in this case.

          1. I agree with you julyol1972. Joseline is a sheboy and she was probably hyped on drugs. She got what she came looking for. In the 3rd part of the reunion she talks about fighting Benzino. Joseline looks like a girl but has the strength of a man. Sheboy. That’s what she is.

  2. But Joseline warned them she said it about 5 times that when she see Althea she was going to beat her a-s lol. Althea deserved that a-s whoopin she got. Only one who didn’t deserve to get beat up was Tammy. Mimi got a well deserved a-s whoopin too.

    1. Team nobody. Everyone was wrong. So she gets points for being upfront? Not enough for me. We all know this was for ratings. If she wouldn’t have gotten up, none of it would have happened. I’m not giving her a pass for being honest to justify the craziness.

  3. Lmfao. I’m sorry but Joseline cracks me up. She’s besties w my inner ratchet (GUILTY). Benzina’s a b*tch & Hothea’s a punk & far from a woman. She thinks it’s cute & funny that her “man” hit another woman. FOH. They’re PABs & deserve one another

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