Footage of Ray Rice Knocking out Wife Released (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Wallstreethotrod
Photo Credit: Wallstreethotrod

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago it was confirmed that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked out his then fiancee and now wife Janay Palmer during an argument in an elevator, and the athlete was suspended for two games as a result and forced to take anger management courses.

But now TMZ got its hands on the actual footage and it’s so terrible that people are calling for Ray Rice to be suspended for the entire season.

TMZ writes:

This is what a two game suspension looks like — Ray Rice delivering a vicious punch to his fiancee’s face, knocking her out cold … and TMZ Sports has the shocking video.

We’ve already shown you the aftermath outside the elevator … Rice dragging the unconscious woman on the floor. But we’ve now obtained video of the punch that put her down, raising the question … What was the NFL thinking when it wrist-slapped Rice with such feeble punishment?



Just weeks after the news about the assault leaked, Ray and Janay married.


UPDATE: Ray Rice has been released from the Baltimore Ravens and suspended from the NFL indefinitely according to CNN.


  1. Disturbing video but I see the hypocrisy because everyone was laughing when Solange spat on, and kicked Jay Z like it was a kickboxing match. Why is it women get passes for assaulting men?

    1. People give women a pass for hitting men because they believe a woman is always physically inferior to a man. But that isn’t always true. I have seen women beat the entire snot out of men before. It does happen. I think people need to keep their hands to themelves…men AND women. And you can see she hit him too but because she’s a woman, that will be overlooked.

    2. I can’t lie, you do make a good point. But this woman didn’t attack him though. She pushed him lightly at the beginning and walked off. He came in there, said something and then punched her in the face twice when she said something back.

  2. So you mean to tell me this woman actually married this violent fool after he did this to her? And I’m disgusted at how carelessly he dragged her body out of the elevator. This is a very sick relationship.

  3. This is very disturbing I thought reports said she spit on him. I didn’t see her spit on him at all he punched her twice and he just stood there like nothing smh.

    1. Actually, I don’t think it is! They’ll be a big hullabaloo for a minute. He’ll make all the necessary apologies – looking suitably contrite, with her by his side being the dutiful, forgiving wife. He’ll make a contribution to some Domestic Violence/Women’s organization. The NFL will make some statement, and suspend him for a few more games – just to get the pressure off them. And life will go on! Meanwhile, she’ll continue to get her a-s kicked on a regular…this time with no cameras to record it.

    2. Actually, I don’t think it is! They’ll be a big hullabaloo for a minute. He’ll make all the necessary apologies – looking suitably contrite, with her by his side being the dutiful, forgiving wife. He’ll make a contribution to some Domestic Violence/Women’s organization. The NFL will make some statement, and suspend him for a few more games – just to get the pressure off them. And life will go on! Meanwhile, she’ll continue to get her a-s kicked on a regular…this time with no cameras to record it.

  4. Just wow! She married this fool after receiving that KO punch. Any man that can knuckle up and knock a woman out like that is not someone that I’d want to be around. Oh welp…..she knows what she’s getting herself into.

  5. Without pointing fingers at either person, I’ll just say that this is obviously a very toxic relationship. Even if in the “heat of the moment” he were to hit her and not expect the result to be so extreme, his reaction AFTER she laid there unconscious makes the hit itself that much worse. He is careless and abusive. People can automatically default to assuming money is why she stayed, but domestic violence is serious, and reasons people (not just women) stay in those situations go far beyond what a “rational” mind would attribute their decisions to. This is sad all across the board and it reflects very poorly on the NFL as well.

  6. The NFL is lying too. I know they saw this video weeks ago when the story first broke. Someone needs to call them out for that.

  7. This sadly speaks to a larger issue of how domestic violence is usually handled for a “celebrity” or sports figure. After the way the entertainment industry refused to sanction Chris Brown, and the fact that some went as far as to blame Rihanna for causing her own battering, I have to say that the NFL’s handling of this situation doesn’t surprise me. Jay Z was one of the few who actually blasted Chris – everyone else, women included, acted like it was life as usual. Until we take a stand, and hold men, and women accountable for DV, and punish them where it hurts – in their pockets, this crap will continue unabated.

    I won’t touch on his marrying him – cause that speaks to her issues…and that is another separate conversation.

    1. But you’re the same person who said it was ok for Benzino to hit Joseline! You can’t pick and choose when it’s ok for a man to hit a woman! And you’re on the other post accusing people of cosigning Joseline. Smh!

      1. Every situation is different…Joseline bum-rushed the woman and beat the sh-t out of her. So yes, when it comes to that situation, I say protect your loved one. Please note that I referred “men and women” in my post, as women can be abusers too.

        You just refuse to see that a woman attacking a man is just as bad as a man doing it too. I don’t live in a fairytale world…if someone is hitting me or mines, best believe I will fight back. Gone are the days when women didn’t get in others faces and want to throw down too. Each situation needs to be judged on its own merits. Ray Rices fiance didn’t spit on him or attack him in anyway, like they tried to say she did. Joseline on the other hand straight up attacked Althea. Two different scenarios.

        PS: Folks are on this site consigning Joseline’s rachet behavior. I told no lies there…she’s abusive and needs to be stopped.

        1. Girl bye. Joseline did not beat anyone that day. In fact, there was not one scratch on Althea’s face. She still looked pretty and unbothered. But I did see Althea slap the taste out of Joseline’s mouth when they fought for the second time backstage. Did Stevie assault Alteha for that? Nope. Benzino had no right to jump in because it was a girl fright and was nothing but hair pulling and a little slapping at the most. You’re only cosigning what he did because you don’t like Joseline. And stop pretending you’re so against people hitting each other. Someone on here has already called you out for celebrating when Porsha dragged Kenya. Kenya didn’t even touch Porsha but you said she deserved to be attacked. I have nothing against you but you’re being a hypocrite. If you’re against violence, be against ALL violence. If not, you can’t stand on a soapbox and call out everyone else on here.

          1. Chile please! Joseline attacked three people..period!!! I agreed that none of them had a leg to stand on trashing Joseline however, as they all had indulged in violence on the show themselves, or didn’t you bother to read that that comment I posted since you seem to know so much about my comment history. I’ve always said I don’t care for anybody on that show. Please don’t assume to know what my thoughts were because I disagree with a statement you or anyone else makes! Kenya took a bullhorn and specter and invaded Porsha’s space with it – she went into her face with both instruments – that’s crossing a line for me. Again, you don’t have to agree – it’s my opinion.

            Men AND women both are abusers, I’ve seen some women who hit like men. Althea did nothing to Joseline and got attacked – hair pulling or not. Kenya got up in Porsha’s face. They both reaped their rewards.

            I’ll stand on my soapbox all I want to! If you don’t like my opinion – ignore and swerve around. But it’s my opinion to have, just like you have yours. I don’t tell you what to do with yours, please refrain from putting your mouth all over mine.

          2. You do know it was the police who filed the charges and went after Porsha right. Not Kenya. So if Kenya was wrong, why was she not arrested too? *sits*

          3. Kenya stated adamantly she wanted Porsha fired and arrested. She filed the charges, and the police pursued it. Simple as that! Of course Porsha was charged..her dragging Kenya was caught on tape, plain as day. But why would Andy thereafter ban all props from any and all reunions? Here’s why, because Kenya caused that sh-t to pop off, and he knew Porsha had grounds for a lawsuit against him and Bravo if she’d wanted to pursue it. *also takes a seat*

          4. Wrong again. Kenya did not file the charges, the police did and that was confirmed by the police and TMZ. So you lose there. The props were banned because y’all Kenya haters outnumber who understand the law. Bravo banned the props because of all the crying the Kenya fans did on Twitter. Porsha did not have any leg room to sue the network (I bet her contract prevents it like most shows), and you know that too but you’ll say otherwise just because you hate Kenya. Andy said several times he thinks Porsha was wrong and the props didn’t warrant ASSAULT, but you tried though.

            The whole fight was on tape so what are you talking about? Kenya didn’t assault anyone and that’s why she wasn’t sued nor was she charged. You have no receipts ma’am. Sorry. But we’ll agree to disagree.

          5. Kenya wanted Porsha arrested and filed the charges, the cops pursued it. You can protest till the cows come home…but there it is. The props were banned because Bravo and Andy knew that they were a catalyst for the fight. Porsha was about to sue, and they all knew Bravo was negliegent. It wasn’t about the fans, when the hell has Bravo ever done anything because the fans wanted it? It was monetary, pure and simple – Porsha had a case against them. Their contracts preclude them from suing each other, not the network as far as i know. But if y’all thirsty Kenya stans want to make this about her, feel free. The dragging of the century was on tape for all to see, that’s why Porsha was charged. She was provoked, and Bravo recognized this. You can trivialize it all you want, but it is what it is. Moving right along…

    2. I totally agree with you. I’ve too seen people even people on here defend Chris Brown to the fullest and say Rihanna was the blame for being beaten like she was and even had the nerve to say it wasn’t DV which in my opinion is foolish. Ray Rice was obviously the aggressor in this situation, hands down. She was not posing a physical threat to him and there is no excuse for this whatsoever. I too was a victim of DV and had the same lie told on me that I spat on him when he in fact spat on me. That type of lie is supposed to make the abuser’s actions seem validated and Ray Rice has no heart whatsoever to drag her limp body the way he did. Suppose this girl had died after hitting her head like that. Why she married him no one knows, and many will call her stupid and dumb, but she is abused and abused people do not tend to think with their head, but more so with their heart. I feel for her and pray she gets out because speaking from experience, it only gets worse. Such a sad situation.

  8. This whole situation is just wild man. And there’s no excuse for a man hitting a woman. he deserves way more than a two game suspension.

  9. Welp, he’s really messed up now because he has kids who will now have to suffer because no one is going to hire daddy now.

  10. I’m shocked the NFL and Ravens cut ties. I didn’t think they would. I’m glad people are taking domestic violence more seriously.

  11. I just hope the NFL and Ravens did the right thing and not doing this to save face. I just find it hard to believe they didn’t see the video before especially the NFL.

  12. Wow. This is sad because the kids are going to suffer than anyone else now. This is why you can’t put your hands on people.

  13. Is it just me, the first thing I thought after hearing about the suspension…I really hope Janay is ok. Who knows how Rice may have reacted to hearing about his suspension.

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