Ray Rice’s Wife Breaks Silence on Elevator Assault Video Leak

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice assaulted his then fiancée and now wife Janay Rice months ago in an elevator and was suspended for two games as a result. But yesterday full footage from the elevator proved the incident was so horrific that the public began to demand he suffered a more severe punishment.

As a result of the backlash, Rice was released from the Ravens and indefinitely suspended from the NFL.

Janay hasn’t said much since attending a press conference when the news of the assault went viral weeks ago, but she’s allegedly speaking out on her Instagram account.

She posted the following:

ray rice wife instagram


Now we can’t confirm that this is Janay’s real account, but since posting the message, the account has now been made private.


    1. I feel sorry for her……LIKE TINA TURNER SAID “WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT.” He’s wrong 100 percent.

  1. So like I said yesterday, she stuck around for his bank account and the lifestyle the NFL provided. I’m not surprised.

    1. Aren’t you a Rihanna stan sis? How is this woman stupid for staying and Rihanna wasn’t stupid for going back? Just asking.

      1. Thank you. I love Rih but I’m noticing a lot of her fans are being hypocritical and calling this woman stupid but they called Rihanna strong for taking Chris back and he still dogged her out!

      2. Chelly girl I get your point but I was never a Chrihanna fan. I can’t stand Chris and I have always said their relationship was toxic and Rih can do better. I know some of us supported it but I didn’t and never will. Besides, Rihanna learned her lesson. She will never go back to Chris at this point.

  2. It’s sad that this woman is mad at the media and public and not the man who knocked her unconscious. But it is what it is. This is typical honestly.

  3. This woman needs help and a strong support system because she needs to get away from this man immediately. The way he dragged her out of that elevator was just…no words.

  4. No judgments here. I just hope that she sees most people have more concern for her rather than ill will. A man’s hard work is reflected in his actions. If you work hard to get something you work hard to keep it; which also means making wise decisions knowing that each choice can very well impact your “hard work.” Things happen and it’s difficult to say what you would or wouldn’t do until you are in the situation for yourself. But if watching that tape and seeing how he did her doesn’t make her feel anything other than what she’s expressed toward THE PUBLIC? God bless her.

  5. It’s very sad and disappointing that watching him slug her and drag her out the elevator like she was some toy he was tired of playing with hasn’t made her smarten up. But this is very typical of battered women. I will keep her in my prayers.

  6. She doesn’t get that hard as he hit her, he could have seriously hurt or killed her. She doesn’t realize this video is now there for her kids to see. What kind of example is that? “Daddy used Mummy like a punching bag, but that’s okay, cuz he was working hard for the family. And to punish him is unfair…it’s a witch hunt…*sigh*

  7. What this tells me is he has done this before. There is no way he punches her out like that and feels nothing about it without having done this before. This is just the first time the public has seen it. As for julyol1972’s comment, sadly the kids have seen this happen multiple times. SMH.

  8. She clearly needs help and prayer but I will say I think it’s disgusting having the video of her beating broadcast throughout the world and on tv. The police, prosecutors, NFL,TMZ all should be ashamed.

  9. She’s acting like the typical DV victim. She’s probably even blaming herself for Ray losing his job but all of this is his fault. No matter what was said between them that night, he should have kept his hands to himself. And I’m very disgusted at some men making excuses for Ray and saying she provoked him. Smh.

    1. Sadly, that’s the excuse many men make for beating on women, they were provoked. It was for my ex. Then the way he kicked her while she was out, I have no words.

  10. It’s just another day to them I bet. It can’t be the first time he’s laid hands on her. She’s too nonchalant about it.

  11. I really feel sorry for this young lady because it’s very easy to get tangled in such a situation and it is a living hell getting out of, especially when you got kids involved. Sad.

  12. I’ve never been in her shoes but I hope Janay realizes that she deserves better one day. She has a daughter who is looking up to her.

  13. But it just sounds like she’s really just mad he got dropped by the Ravens and suspended from the NFL. Damn she has some serious issues.

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