Kenya Moore Shades NeNe Leakes’ Broadway Debut

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes is very serious about branching out of reality stardom and getting into acting, so it was a huge blow for her time on “Glee” and “A New Normal” to come to an end.

However, the reality star got the opportunity of a lifetime with her new spot in Broadway’s upcoming production Cinderella.

While NeNe is elated about the news, her rival Kenya Moore doesn’t appear to be impressed.

While doing a bit of press during New York Fashion Week, Kenya tells the New York Post after asked if she would be checking NeNe out on Broadway:

“I don’t have a relationship with NeNe. NeNe is on an island by herself somewhere with her attitude. It’s perfect casting.”



Ouch. NeNe will play The Wicked Stepmother.


      1. LOL. NeNe is not the worst person on the show. Y’all act like she’s the big bad witch and everyone else are saints. Please.

  1. I know Kenya was trying to shade here, but the truth is NeNe may just be playing herself on Broadway but she’s still on Broadway. I’m starting to think NeNe may now even be out-hustling Kandi.

      1. I don’t know though…Kandi is the better business woman but NeNe seems to be doing what a lot of reality stars wish they could do. She said she wanted to be an actress, and not only is she that now but she now can add Broadway to the list. Do you know how many actors wish they could do Broadway? IJS. That’s some real ambition right there.

        1. Kandi IS the number one hustler on the show. NeNe is definitely a hustler but she has nothing on Kandi who have her very own sold out production (A Mother’s Love) which will debut on Broadway in December, Grammy Awards, Royalties from those Grammy winning hits, A Successful sex toy line,investments, etc, etc. Kandi simply added RHOA to her resume while Nene’s began with RHOA. she will always play #2 to Kandi as far as I’m concerned.

      2. Kandi is the number one hustler on the show but Nene is doing the damn thing. You could have never told me she’d end up on Broadway.

  2. The hate this one woman has for women never ceases to amaze me. Nene is on BROADWAY! and Kenya is doing what exactly….. staying on RHOA just to be relevant. No matter who Nene is playing on BROADWAY! she is on BROADWAY! I’m just trying to wrap my head around how are you trying to clown someone who is doing a BROADWAY show. So while Nene is making a stronger name for herself as a BROADWAY star Kenya will still be a dumb BROAD!

    1. Lol. Kenya didn’t even say nothing bad about nene. Ya so dramatic. Nene always throw shade at kenya, kenya is a stronger woman, she can handle all the shade in the world.

      1. Kenya didn’t have to say congratulations or anything but after she said “I don’t have a relationship with Nene” she started hating. I personally don’t understand shading someone who is doing a Broadway show when she is doing what exactly…..

  3. It’s funny that Kenya and everyone else says NeNe can never be happy for other people’s success, but none of them seem to be happy for her success either.

    1. All of the hate on each other. The show is so negative now and hard to watch, well at least it’s hard to watch for me.

  4. Wack. They need to stop playing and give NeNe props. Broadway is a very big accomplishment. And I’m sure Kenya wishes she could have had the opportunities NeNe has had. NeNe has been on two shows for two major networks, now Broadway and the roles aren’t one liners. Give respect where it’s due Ms. Twirl. NeNe has officially surpassed your whole resume dear.

  5. She sounds jealous. I mean how can you play someone getting a role on Broadway? It doesn’t matter what she feels about NeNe, at some point she needs to keep it 100 and admit NeNe has done good for herself.

  6. Bish is jealous. I like Kenya but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit Nene is killing her right now. Kenya got so focused on being the RHOA queen she didn’t notice everyone else around her is out here grinding and getting money outside of Bravo but her. Even Porsha’s simple self got a real radio career now. The only person besides Kenya who isn’t doing ish is Cynthia. Kenya better start making some phone calls.

    1. Her time will come. Nene was not a success over night. It took her a couples of season to get the glee ging…. Kenya is dramatic and funny im sure her time will come to shine.

    2. You’re not lying about Cynthia. She’s done what three seasons of RHOA and what does she have going on outside of the show besides her struggling modeling agency and a husband who spends all her money up on bad business ideas? Cynthia needs to get it together.

  7. I mean I get it though. Why should she congratulate Nene? Nene never congratulated her for doing all the things she’s done already like Celebrity Apprentice.

  8. So childish and petty. But I expect nothing less from all of these ladies. The cattiness is why their show is so successful why play nice now I guess.

    1. Nene never called kenya out of her name. She has funny nickname for kenya like cracra…..that’s what I like about nene. She don’t need to call u out of ur name to make a point. Kenya knows she still like nene deep down inside.

      1. You right. I just get tired of all of them fighting all the time. I would like to see them all squash these dumb beefs.

  9. Kenya needs to quit letting her jealousy cloud the fact that Nene knows a lot of people in the entertainment industry! Much as Kenya likes to clown, Nene could’ve put her on by now if she’d played her cards right. Instead, Miss Bath Salts decided to play the Hate Game and got left behind! Karma!

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