50 Cent Gets One-Up over Video Vixen

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago 50 Cent took to his Instagram account to call out a video vixen and accused her of sending photos to multiple blogs to make it appear as if they had a romantic relationship, and the model claimed she would get even by filing a lawsuit against the rapper.

However, the model’s lawsuit just hit a major snag.

The New York Daily News writes:

Sally Ferreira filed an $11 million suit against Fitty earlier this year, claiming he defamed her by blasting her on Instagram for leaking pictures showing them together at one of his video shoots.

“Without undertaking any investigation whatsoever, Mr. Jackson falsely accused Ms. Ferreira of being the source,” her suit said, referring to the rapper by his given name, Curtis Jackson.

But a letter sent to lawyers for the dueling duo appears to show that Ferreira, 29, was indeed the one who sent out the pictures, taken at Fitty’s “Big Rich Town” video shoot. The letter included screen grabs of text and picture messages apparently sent by Ferreira to a reporter for the website Hip Hop World named Roslys Metayer.

“No one has these images,” the person alleged to be Ferreira says in one text. “I need to market Myself in the urban,” the texts say. “Just(k)eep the name hot.”



Lawyers claim the suit should be tossed out by the judge soon.


  1. Damn the thirst for attention is real out here. And does she not understand being a video vixen is played out now? They don’t make money like that and they have to whore themselves out to rappers to pay their rent. Find a real career girl.

  2. Damn, these thirsty-a-s groupies seem to lurk around every damn bush and tree. Who knew back in the day that being an attention-whoring thot would be a thing to aspire to nowadays?

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