K Michelle and Soulja Boy Twitter Beef

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several days ago Soulja Boy told CNikki that if he could sleep with anyone from the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise it would be K Michelle and K Michelle was so offended by his comments that she slammed him in her Breakfast Club interview.

In the interview, K accused Soulja Boy of sleeping with a transgender in Atlanta and Soulja Boy decided to clap back at her claims on his Twitter account.

Soulja ignited the Twitter beef with the following tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

soulja boy twitter 6
soulja boy twitter 5
soulja boy twitter 4
soulja boy twitter 3
soulja boy twitter 2
soulja boy twitter

K Michelle responded in a few tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

k michelle twitter 3
k michelle twitter 2
k michelle twitter

Soulja Boy responded:

soulja boy twitter 7

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  1. Why did she even acknowledge this lame? And he needs to get out of here about that net worth ish. Everyone knows he’s broke and had to beg Mona to do the show because he really needs the money. K has an actual music career and multiple VH1 checks.

    1. And I doubt his check was bigger than K’s. She is Mona’s favorite after Yandy and Soulja has been trying to convince Mona to put him on one of her shows for years. He only got on this one because Mona was desperate to find people. She’s been turning him down for a long time.

  2. Soulja Boy hasn’t seen $25 million since Crank Dat. And he most likely spent all that money on cocaine and Super Head. Who is he trying to fool?

  3. Wait! But didn’t Soulja Boy get his car repossessed though, and was up in bankruptcy court? Negro acting like he got a career, but on 2 reality shows trying get paid. Even Diamond ain’t trying to hit it. FOH was these thirsty-a-s men nowadays!

  4. It’s really disturbing to see how these “men” speak to women at times. What is wrong with them? What self respecting man talks to a woman in this way? I’m glad his name is Soulja BOY because he’s surely not a man.

  5. I do agree that K. took a compliment and turned it into an insult, but he would have been better off tweeting nothing because everything he tweeted was super lame.

  6. im sorry but soulja net worth is bigger than K’s…..she needs to focus more on her music she stay in a twitter beef…..first memphitz&toya, than Rasheeda, than mimi,than tamar,than Elle V,than Kim now Soulja Boy

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