Gabrielle Union Has Had Enough

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Gabrielle Union is still enjoying the newlywed life with Dwyane Wade but their marriage appears to be doing little to silence their critics.

As you probably know, D Wade and Gabby have critics because some suspect they possibly started their romance while he was married to his ex-wife Siovaughn Funches. Both deny the accusations, but that hasn’t stopped people from slamming them on social media.

Gabby is fed up with the criticism and speculations and she posted the following to Instagram:

gabrielle union instagram
gabrielle union instagram 2


  1. Coming to her? I mean it already came. The break baby was her wakeup call but she was too desperate to walk away. Please believe there is nothing D Wade could ever do to make this woman leave.

  2. I think she cares too much about what people think about her relationship. If she’s happy, well then be happy and stop responding to what people say on Twitter and Instagram.

  3. I have voiced my own personal opinions about their relationship but if she wants to share her life with a cheater that’s on her. My only question is if she is truly happy why does she lash out like this all the time.

    1. Until she can admit to her back, front, & side stories with her husband, she’ll never be as happy as she wants people to think she is.

  4. She writes this stuff at least once a month after someone says something she doesn’t like. I’m shocked at how many celebs read their mentions.

  5. Oh Gabby stop. She’s always doing this. If you’re over the comments, stop responding to them and giving them PSAs every week.

  6. She’d be better off pulling a Beyonce and never reading anything in her notifications or stuff on the blogs. If you don’t have thick skin, it will hurt your feelings and make you angry.

  7. She says she’s happy but it’s hard to tell because she is always responding to something. Like just live your life Gabby.

  8. Girl shut the hell up. She’s only offended by what people are saying because deep down inside she know it’s the truth. If it wasn’t, she wouldn’t be in her feelings all the damn time.

  9. I like Gabby but I always felt like she was insecure about this relationship. People will always have something say about your life even when you’re not famous. But you don’t have to give them power and she continues to by acknowledging it.

  10. She is really too much, just enjoy your new hubby and live the married life you wanted so bad. As for always being on the defense responding to the critics,you will eventually look like a fool if things ever begin to fall apart and give them that satisfaction. Just look at your poor girl Ciara. Stop broadcasting your personal situations and live life without trying to prove something to everybody.

  11. I agree. The fact that she keeps responding means she second guessing herself and her decisions. She knows that her man most likely cheated and chose to forgive him for fathering another woman’s baby. Some women are Ride or Die chicks and I think she and other people need to accept that.She will most likely love this man no matter what they go through and she needs to stop trying to justify who she is to strangers. If this situation makes her happy then who are others to tell her what she should do? What you might accept and what another person might accept are two different things. They love each other but are flawed people, who is’nt? Leave her alone

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