K Michelle’s Memphitz Drama Heats Up

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While it was being reported that K Michelle’s music executive ex Memphitz withdrew his lawsuit against K Michelle, VH1, and Mona Scott Young with the courts, we told you that Memphitz actually just refiled the suit in another court.

Memphitz and K Michelle are currently battling it out in court as Memphitz is attempting to sue the singer for defamation of character, and he claims he never abused her and she should pay up for hurting his reputation.

However, K is still sticking to her story, but since she admitted in court that Memphitz didn’t technically punch her, some are saying she exaggerated the situation.

Interestingly enough, in some new court documents, Memphitz allegedly admitted that he did use a towel to silence K Michelle’s screaming during the conformation.

Karen Civil writes:

Prior to today, Memphitz has denied he’s ever abused K. Michelle but in new court documents obtained from Mickey “Memphitz” Wright’s deposition (see attachment), Mickey finally admits to abusing K. Michelle and physically assaulting her . Wright states in deposition quotes attached that although he never “punched” K. Michelle he did wrestle her to the ground while smothering her with a towel to keep her from calling out for help. When authorities arrived to the scene, K. Michelle was visibly abused with marks and bruises on her body.

Wright admits to the following:

He is 6’2 and 200 pounds and works out three times a week, including boxing.”
“When he got into the hotel room he told Pate “Yo fo’reel, that’s the last time you embarrass me! I’m done!”
“…so I’m grabbing her. Yes, I grabbed her and held her hands down.”
“…and she was screaming and screaming and I’m like yo, okay, so I did. I covered her mouth because she was screaming so loud.”
“Q: So when you were covering her mouth with your hand or the towel or both [] she was standing up or was she laying down? A: She was on the ground — laying down…I was just holding her down like. She was just kicking and screaming, doing all this crazy stuff.”



Legally neither party should be talking about court proceedings since a judge has yet to rule, but Memphitz couldn’t help himself. Sometime yesterday he jumped on Instagram and threatened to release video and audio that allegedly proves K Michelle isn’t being truthful about what happened that night. He’s also been taunting her:

memphitz instagram


Memphitz’s wife Toya also took some shots on Twitter (read tweets from top to bottom):

toya twitter

toya twitter 2

K Michelle isn’t one to hold her tongue, so she responded on Instagram with the following before deleting it (screenshot obtained by Fameolous):

k michelle responds instagram


  1. Toya’s tweet is disgusting because she’s borderline suggesting that K deserved to be assaulted because of her mouth. She really needs to stop speaking on something that happened before she even knew Memphitz.

    1. Thank you. I get that he’s her husband and she wants to have his back, but she needs to be supportive in a more tasteful way. She doesn’t know what really happened because she wasn’t there.

      1. Lol. I don’t think Toya knows how to be tasteful. She is in Lil Wayne’s bird crew. People like to give her a pass because he married her but she clucks with the rest of his chickens and applauds their messy behavior. She’s not classy in the least bit.

    2. I gotta agree. No woman should tweet anything like this. We can’t make excuses for men putting hands on women, even if it is our husband.

  2. Just because he didn’t punch her doesn’t mean it was ok for him to do what he did. We all know K has a mouth on her. He still should have walked away instead of getting physical. The fact that he refuses to take responsibility for what he does says a lot about his character and Toya’s too.

  3. Toya needs to shut her bird a-s up and I don’t even like K Michelle’s a-s. She is always popping off but her simple a-s was not even around when this happened. So she doesn’t know anything more than Memhitz tells her and his track record of being an honest and decent person ain’t good. So did he ever get that wack a-s mistress show picked up? Man of the year he is. -_-

  4. Toya really need to hush the #$*! up….. I’m so sick of her siding with her husband…..nobody knows what happened between those two but them…..& his career was over before it even got started…..he killed his own career along with others…. marrying Lil Wayne’s babymomma didn’t revive it.

  5. We all know K is rough around the edges, but I don’t think any of us think she’s a liar. Memphitz big burly a-s had no right to put his hands on her. As far as Toya is concerned..I feel stupid for believing that at one point she was a woman of substance.

  6. From what I read in the court documents seems consistent what K has always said. But what I do believe is that K led us to believe that the injuries she received were more serious than she admitted in the documents that still doesn’t give Memphitz the right to put his hands on her. So Toya and Memphitz really need to shut the hell up because one thing that cannot be disputed is he puts his hands on her.

  7. Toya has the worst taste in men. Memphitz is a joke and doesn’t even have a real career besides trying to get his ratchet and flop reality shows picked up.

  8. I don’t see why people are saying K is lying though. If someone drags you violently on the floor and tries to smother you, that’s pretty serious. It’s sickening some men and women don’t see an issue if no actual punches were thrown.

  9. Memphitz is a trip. He just refuses to work. He married Toya and she’s getting Wayne’s money. And now he wants to sue K and get that VH1 money instead of actually working hard and getting his own money. Did Toya just marry him for his looks?

  10. If Memphitz felt the need to cover her mouth while she screamed for help, that lets me know what he did was wrong and he knows it too.

  11. And I also want to add that Memphiz is still acting like an abuser. He’s aggressively going after her on Instagram and making threats and none of that make him look good.

    1. Oh best believe we’re gonna hear about Toya at some point. Leopards don’t change their spots, they just lay quiet till the right opportunity comes along.

  12. I don’t even see how he got a lawsuit going when she never mentioned his name to begin with. If anything Rasheeda alluded to the fact that it was him, not K. As for Toya, never liked her anyway…..

  13. she said “that man beat my azs” but he never punched her? im confused. unless he picked up and object and beat her with it on banged her head into the floor or rammed her head into the wall or broke glass on her or stomped her, im confused. he hasnt explained the bruises all over her body.

  14. Since the beginning Memphitz has denied everything and stated that K was lying NOW he’s slowly admitting everything. I’m so glad they got Toya illiterate a-s together especially the 2nd person. she’ll realize the truth when he start slapping her a-s around. Then again he don’t want it with Wayne.

  15. He hit K Michelle, with that lip she has no surprise, my man did the same to me, i left that nig right quick. A black man especially hates when we start with our mouth, we all know K. Michelle was going at it with this man. I’m sure she threw a few punches too, we all know she a bully.

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