Lil Kim Claps Back at K Michelle + Talks Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: The Breakfast Club
Photo Credit: The Breakfast Club

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago Lil Kim and K Michelle’s Twitter beef over Nicki Minaj went viral on the blogs, and the whole social media spat went down because K Michelle angered Kim’s fans by praising Nicki Minaj’s VMAs performance, and Kim clapped back in defense of her fans.

While K Michelle still feels the whole situation was petty and Kim would have been better off just calling her about the situation to discuss it in private, she did claim in her recent interview with The Breakfast Club that they are still on good terms and that Kim wanted her to be her baby’s godmother.

Interestingly enough, Kim is clapping back in her recent interview with The Breakfast Club and she claims K Michelle is lying.

She says:

“That chic is a bag of pecans…A trail mix. When you eating a trail mix, all the nuts you like you eat and the nuts you can’t stand….She’s the bag of nuts that you put back…Like a black jelly bean. She is nuts! Yo, my son she is so nuts, you are liable to see her skipping. Who skips? First of all, why would I ever make her my child’s god mother. I’ve only met this woman one time, in person. We talk on the phone after that, because she’s a fan of mine…Let’s get this straight right now, we never had a conversation about this woman being my child’s god mother. I don’t know you. Why would I do that?”


Kim also says K Michelle would have been better calling her up and asking her to handle her fans:

“If she had called me, we would have never been on that predicament….We were tryna develop something. I woulda said something to my fans, if she would’ve called me, texted me….She never called me. She never said all of that…I’m so understanding…Let’s just put all out that on the table…”


Of course Kim also had some words for Nicki Minaj and she claims Nicki is obsessed with her. When asked if she believes taking shots at Nicki constitutes as bullying, Kim says:

“How could you even say that when she made the first record towards me? She’s continuously….She been waiting for so long to say the word ‘Queen Bee’ because that’s how obsessed with me. It’s so deep that when I’m finished putting together this documentary, people will fully understand…”


Check out the interview below:


  1. Umm how is Nicki obsessed with her? Nicki hasn’t mentioned Kim in how long? Yet Kim can’t do not one single interview without talking about Nicki. Girl get a damn life and move on. Nicki is on top and you’re washed up. Get over it.

  2. “She been waiting for so long to say the word ‘Queen Bee’ because that’s how obsessed with me.” Actually, Nicki was referring to Beyonce when she said Queen Bey, but you wouldn’t understand that Kim because Beyonce didn’t want to make a song with you, she went with Nicki instead. Is that why you’re really salty?

    1. I can’t even defend Kim this time. She really took that Flawless remix to heart because it wasn’t her but Nicki instead. Smh.

  3. All of this is petty. And I respect what Kim has done in Hip Hop, but she really needs to move on from the Nicki thing. What more does she need to say about it? It’s old and tired. Get to the music and reclaim your throne.

  4. Ain’t Kim being managed by Nicki’s old manager and talking about Nicki in all of her interviews? So who’s obsessed with who?

  5. I’m mad that every interview she does is about Nicki. And now you are gonna make a documentary…for why? Everyone has moved on from the situation and is making money

    1. What does Kim have to talk about though? Her mix tape was a flop and Nicki is more popping. She has to talk about Nicki and I know that makes her burn inside.

  6. She’s about to get caught up in a war of words with K Michelle. She needs to just drop it. And as far as the whole Nicki thing, I think the topic has been exhausted. Did she influence Nicki when she first came out? Absolutely. But Nicki has found her own lane since then and it’s never a good idea for someone from the old school to keep going after someone in the new school. No matter how they try to defend it, they will always look bitter to the mass public. Let it go Kim and let your music speak for itself.

    1. I honestly think Kim is just frustrated because she really didn’t think Nicki would actually accomplish more than she has in such a short amount of time. Kim is the better rapper in my opinion, but Nicki has the better career hands down.

  7. I think Kim’s need to hold on to grudges forever is what hurt her career. I mean she’s still mad at Faith and Biggie has been dead since 1997. I think she could flourish in life and she stop harboring so much anger and beefs. Like she’s literally got into with so many people in the industry and a lot of it’s over petty stuff.

    1. I disagree somewhat. I think what hurt her career is all that bad plastic surgery she got. It made it hard for people to take her seriously as an artist anymore.

  8. Kim looks a damn mess. Oh why on earth did she do that to herself?! I like Kim, but Nicki has accomplished way more than Kim has, sorry but it’s true. And K Michelle is about to go INNN.

  9. What happen to Kim’s new album that came out on 9/11 a flop right. Kim needs to go and take are of her baby and shut up.

  10. That quote about the Flawless song is very transparent. Kim knows damn well Nicki was referring to Bey when she said Queen Bey. I like Kim but her desperateness to always make everything Nicki raps and does about her is really weird and it makes me lose respect for her as an artist. You have to let these young girls do their thing and not be so intimidated by it.

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