K Michelle Quits

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle has never been one to hold back on social media, and sometimes her antics on Twitter and Instagram have landed her square in the middle of controversy.

Although she claimed weeks ago that she would stop arguing with her critics on Twitter and Instagram, her vow didn’t last long.

However, the R&B singer and reality star has really reached her breaking point with social media and has now decided to let her record label manage her accounts.

It all started when she posted this photo to Instagram:

k michelle instagram

k michelle instagram 2



Fed up with some of the inappropriate comments on her son’s friend, she then posted the following:

k michelle instagram 3

k michelle instagram 4


  1. Honestly it’s nothing people can say on the Internet to surprise me. It’s like there’s some contest to type the most despicable thing possible to people. Especially celebrities. And sadly even kids aren’t off limits. We saw that with Blue Ivy.

  2. She should honestly have let her label take over her accounts a long time ago. But I’m sure she won’t be gone for long. She’s addicted to social media like most.

  3. People just like to troll. I ma give my opinions on here, but I have never hopped on a celeb’s IG account and type the kind of shady things these people are typing. Are they that miserable?

  4. Never the judge or a juror. I love her comment. I have been K. Michelle in my youth ,so I understand, unfortunately people hate people, and it’s so ugly, the spirit of it(evil). When ill feelings for 1 person has you attack an innocent person, that’s over the line, it may seem funny to hurt people in K’s life,because you don’t like K,but you become a horrific human being, and your life will turn on you, eventually your self hate will hurt…… you. Stay up K. Michelle.Grace and Peace in the name of Jesus Christ .Amen

  5. Even if she doesn’t stay off, her message was much needed. Everybody has a threshold man and this would definitely make me feel a way as well….

    These celebrities just need to start reporting accounts as spam and/or blocking them. LOL. Petty but necessary.

  6. by picking battles better she means she dont want it with the queen bee.

    k. michelle always becomes a bigger person when it’s someone she dont want it with. like in the beginning of the season when she found out real quick she didnt want it with joseline all the sudden they became cool.

    yeah k is one of those.

  7. I agree with her. This is why I’m not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I come here and a few news sites. That’s it.

  8. She should quit and never get on there again. If all you see is negativity on there, why stay on there? You have to be careful about what you take into your spirit daily.

  9. She won’t be gone for long. But I agree with what she said. I think people should never talk bad about kids. People have no limits anymore.

  10. but the kids look so cute his friend look like he mean muggin and saying another Picture it looks so cute.

    I don’t see why people talk about kids, they can all go to hell.

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