Althea and Benzino Call It Quits? (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Benzino and Althea break up? Benzino loved Althea Heart so much that he was willing to end his friendships with Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez over her honor, and he did reveal a couple of months ago that they would be tying the knot on New Year’s.

However, it appears the LHHATL couple may not even make it to the altar.

For the last several hours, Althea has been posting some rather interesting posts, making many believe her romance with Benzino is over:

althea instagram main

althea instagram 2 main

althea instagram 3 main

althea instagram 4 main


As for Benzino, he hasn’t publicly responded to Althea’s Instagram activity as of yet.

UPDATE: Apparently Althea just wanted some attention. She admitted she lied about being single to get attention from the blogs. We’re assuming she’s missing the attention she got prior to LHHATL’s hiatus:

althea publicty stunt



  1. Their relationship was for show anyway. But I’m sure they will get back to faking in time for another season of LHHATL.

  2. They were moving too fast anyway. How do you get engaged to someone you’ve only known for a few months. They may get back together but they will never get married. Benzino needs to figure out why he has to fall in love with every woman he dates.

  3. Does this mean he finally had a pre-up drawn up after all? Hah, guess he didn’t give her 1/2 of Uptown like she wanted.

  4. I’m not paying these lames any attention they are just trying to get attention since LHHATL is off and nobody is interested in them anymore.

  5. This thot is really annoying. You can tell she’s only with Benzino because she wanted to be on the show, and now that the show is done and nobody is checking for them, she’s desperate for attention. Bird.

  6. The irony is most of the blogs didn’t even pick up the story because literally no one is checking for them anymore.

  7. This is more proof that they are “beefing” with Joseline and Stevie for attention. This couple is too thirsty for their own good. And yet they are still boring and neither Thi nor Benzino bring anything to the show.

  8. I called it. Her and Benzino are missing the attention. They don’t know what to do with themselves now that the show is on a break. I wonder what they would do if Mona ever fired them. They would probably lose their minds.

  9. UB don’t ever write about this thirst bucket again. She really thinks she’s important and the show ain’t even on right now. Bird brain.

  10. She didn’t fool me with her thirsty pathetic a-s. I knew she was a lame trying to get attention that would only last a couple of hours. I swear these people are so obsessed with attention it’s ridiculous.

  11. Nobody Cares cuz when Stevie j and Joseline new Show starts nobody’s watching LHHATL NO MORE. They made the show

  12. I just think that THITHI needs to put on a new mask cause her thirsty features is coming out way too quick. Benzino is blind to her attention crave that he don’t realize that the social media war was started by this H-!! Seriously??? If she didn’t want Z to know that Joseline was blasting her on the net, pouting and changing her already childish voice into a baby’s one sure convinced X that it wasn’t that serious. Who in the h-ll doesn’t see how obviously she wants all the pleasures of fame without the work? At least Joseline chases paper all day everyday cause it’s a constant drive for her but this rathole THOT got Z stuck on the permanently stupid!! Attention seeking, no prenup, career nosedive, and a gold digging birch who thinks she’s now entitled to half of the hip hop weekly empire…..what a h-e! Z needs to drop that trifling THOT and just get a woman who is a 9 to 5 middle aged, independent, and secure beauty who is really in love, not in desperate hunger with him. He is too old to f*** with these young a** brainless clowns and when his nuts become so outdated, this trick ain’t gonna wanna hang on it let alone wrap her filthy lips around it. I hope Joseline beats her as sideways when she least expects it!!

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