K Michelle Calls out Abuse Naysayers

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

 By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle has always had a lot of naysayers when it comes to the claims she made against her ex-boyfriend Memphitz, and Memphitz and his wife Toya have been slamming the singer and reality star on social media amid their ongoing defamation suit.

K clapped back recently on Instagram and stated that although she was not punched, what was done to her was wrong and a form of serious violence.

Interestingly enough, she spoke on the matter more at a recent performance in Birmingham, Alabama. She says:

“What you will not do, is take from me and my story for your convenience and for your entertainment because that’s what the f*ck I went through, ok? And beat my a*s to me is just that, beat my a*s. I don’t give a f*ck if you didn’t punch me in my face. If you drug my a*s across the floor and smothered me with a towel to the point where I almost blacked out and almost lost my motherf*cking life, and I’m screaming for my life…I don’t give a f*ck what you think…or your mother*cking opinion.

“They’ve tried to hold me down and what the f*ck I’ve been through. So no matter what outer abuse I still have to go through in the situation, I will stand strong and I will not be quiet because there are women that need to hear me.

“I’m going to continue to hold my middle finger to the media. And once again, Bossip f*ck you.”

Check out the video below. She addresses the issue and the media at the beginning.


  1. I can’t believe this is still being debated. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t punch her. He should have never put his hands on her and smothering her with a towel was wrong period. I wish she would have called the police and filed a report because people are that stupid nowadays that they don’t believe a woman was assaulted unless police were called. Sadly most victims don’t ever involve the police.

    1. Girl I can’t believe it’s still being debated either because Memphitz hasn’t been hiding his abusive nature at all. He acts like an abuser by the way he keeps going after her on Instagram. Then he threatened to release a sex tape. That doesn’t seem like an innocent person to me.

  2. What she has to understand is that when you put your story out here, there will always be people who will be skeptical. Especially when it comes to domestic violence.

  3. She needs to let this go and emotionally heal from it. Memphitz and Toya are already getting their karma. None of their shows have been picked up and they’re mad about it. K’s career is flourishing. God has already spoken. Keep your head up K.

  4. I’m confused as to why people are calling Kmichelle a liar. She never said that Memphitz punched her if people would go back and look at all her old interviews she has been consisted in what she said that he drug her across the room and covered her mouth exactly what she said in the court documents. Memphitz even admitted it in the court documents to putting his hands on her. I think people thought and made assumptions that the altercation was worst but K never said that. Whether he punched her, drug her or even pushed her abuse is abuse so she never lied in my opinion.

    1. Thank you. She NEVER said he punched her. And even if he didn’t, since when is it ok for a grown man to smother a woman to the point that she almost blacks out?

  5. I think the people who don’t believe her are just letting their dislike for her get in the way of their common sense. If you sit back and watch the way Memphitz acts on IG and Twitter towards her, it shouldn’t be too hard to believe he did what he did.

  6. K has a mouth on her but all of this could have been avoided if Memphitz kept his hands to himself. He should be mad at himself, not her.

  7. Unfortunately, what she’s doing kind of NEEDS to be done. She’s using her platform to address a very serious issue and considering those who try to discredit her and say she’s lying, fighting back…showing others that it’s ok to fight back is necessary. So many people stay in situations or stay quiet about situations because of being victimized further by being accused of lying or made to feel deserving of being abused. Does she need to heal? Absolutely. Does continuing to talk about her experience with domestic violence mean she hasn’t healed? Absolutely not.

    I believe her. And I salute her for remaining strong, moving forward, AND persevering.

  8. People keep saying she needs to let it go and move on, but that’s kind of hard to do when they are still in the middle of ongoing court proceedings concerning the abuse allegations. After reading the full deposition there is no way in hell Memphitz will win this lawsuit..so his only offense is to try to play on public opinion and make K out to be lying (Ex: The pictures Bossip included in the article ok K from the day of the assault). But no need for K to sweat it because Karma has been working hard on Memphitz already, he’s pressed.

  9. I think people as a whole need to stop acting like domestic violence only applies when a woman has been punched. I’ve seen this attitude expressed too many times, and it’s disturbing. She was abused and he was wrong. End of story.

  10. i respect that she’s standing up for herself and refusing to be silent. Memphitz was wrong period point blank end of discussion!

  11. People know damn well smothering a woman and dragging her across the floor is not ok. Why are they acting brand new?

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