Kenya Moore Keeps Her Word

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

During the last RHOA reunion NeNe Leakes challenged Kenya Moore to donate $20,000 to her favorite charity and said she would match Kenya’s donation, but weeks after the reunion aired the charity of choice called out both reality stars for never cutting the checks.

Now it’s been confirmed that Kenya has finally made the move to make the donation and we will see it all unfold in the upcoming season.

Reality Tea writes:

Here’s a happy update for you! Kenya Moore is finally making good on that promise to donate $20,000 to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation! According to a new report she’s making an appearance on October 17th – with Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras in tow, of course – and finally donating the cash. Better late than never!

Kenya shared, “A lot of these kids now, because this city is bankrupt, they are just not getting the opportunities. How do you expect them to excel when they can’t get a book they need for class, let alone a computer? I think right now it’s a dire situation for Detroit. I wish I could give more of my money to DPS. Clearly, $20,000 is not going to solve the problem, (but) hopefully it will help.”


  1. Now I’m starting to think the rumors about her having money problems are true. It took her this long to get $20,000?

  2. Blah, blah, blah…….Kenya is still broke, with or without RHOA. NeNe had, and still has the money; but just wanted Kenya to look bad. Ms. “Rich B!@$ch” should have just donated the money!

    1. The bet was that Nene would match Kenya’s donation. In other words Kenya had to pay up first. Which she has now done…1 year later.

  3. Well we knew she was waiting on the money to come in. This is why she needs to get some real hustles outside of RHOA. That struggle production company of hers doesn’t count either.

  4. Blah,blah,blah….. Kenya is still broke; with or without the show. Nene always had the money. She just wanted Kenya to look bad. Ms “Rich B!$@ch” should have just been the better person that always claim she is, and just made a donation; instead of showing the charity that she didn’t give a damn about them!

  5. Kenya didn’t have the money and now she does. I don’t know why she won’t keep it 100. None of us ever beloved she had money like that. If she did, she wouldn’t have resorted to doing reality TV.

  6. Oh Lawd. Now she’s going to be bragging like she did something even though it took a year for her to cough up the money.

    1. It took Kenya a full 365 days to make good on a bet she agreed to…that’s why she being criticized. Quit deflecting her ills onto Nene.

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