Wendy Williams Confirms Aaliyah Biopic Tea

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was rumored months ago that the upcoming Aaliyah biopic on Lifetime would touch on Aaliyah’s controversial past with fellow R&B singer R Kelly, and some were beginning to suspect that is the main reason the deceased singer’s family wouldn’t get on board with the film.

Interestingly enough, the film’s executive producer Wendy Williams recently confirmed that the movie will address the R Kelly situation.

She tells Orlando Sentinel:

“We let you know what happened with Aaliyah and R. Kelly. Nothing is distasteful. You don’t want to be distasteful, but you need to tell a story.”


  1. The funny thing is Wendy would be mad as hell if someone did a movie and put her business on blast. She gets mad when people do it now. Her husband ain’t sh-t.

  2. Wendy Williams, has been going down a very slippery slope and has fallen off a number of times and each time it has become harder and harder to get her footing but she just doesn’t know it, it is a sad thing to have to keep watching it over and over, here is a short list of her many short comings. 1.) making the Aaliyah Movie was a huge mistake 2.)Being unprofessional to the point that most potential guest she could have on your show, she lets the world know that she does not like them and thus making them not want to appear on show and if they do she gives them so much shade you would think a serious storm was over head,is all bad 3.)Constantly thinking she knows who would be good at being a cohost, first it was Maxx on “Dancing with the Stars” HUGE mistake after that mess you would think she learned to keep quiet but no 4.)Next she suggested Rosie Perez, whom I think is a terrific actress but a View cohost no, another HUGE mistake ,it is so sad to watch Rosie look out into the audience looking so scared and lost and the other Rosie ODonnell just take over as if it’s her show and no one else is there, HUGE mistake. 5.)for her to knock on the Queen for being a talk show host “when I, meaning herself (Wendy Williams) went to school for it!” a true hater if ever I heard one 6.)Making fun of Bruce Jenner for going through whatever he’s going through was too cruel for me and once again she had fallen off that slope. Fame has this woman thinking she do and say what she wants, but no there are many WEPTING days ahead for this lady and the sooner she’s off tv oozing her type of so called entertainment the better off we will all be.

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