Claudia Jordan and Cynthia Bailey Come for Phaedra Parks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day RHOA star Phaedra Parks made an appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and in the interview she opened up about her impending divorce from Apollo Nida, and even addressed the cheating accusations he’s been spreading all around Atlanta.

While Phaedra spent most of her time on the show discussing her failed marriage, she did have a few words for her fellow housewives.

When Ellen asked Phaedra what she thought about RHOA  newbie Claudia Jordan, Phaedra described her as Kenya, Jr.

Apparently Claudia wasn’t happy with Phaedra’s words, so she clapped back on her Twitter account (read tweets from bottom to top):

claudia jordan twitter 6

claudia jordan twitter 5

claudia jordan twitter 4

claudia jordan twitter 3

claudia jordan twitter 2

claudia jordan twitter


And when it comes to Cynthia, Phaedra told Ellen that she’d describe Cynthia as a “lap dog.” Cynthia threw the following shade Phaedra’s way via Instagram:

cynthia instagram


  1. “Froggy”, and “fabulous”? Yeah, she’s kissing that store-bought a-s all right. Claudia don’t want nothing with Phaedra. That b-tch can read you from Mars on a good day, she better ask Kenya the real tea. As for Cynthia, Peter is next for for jail…watch. But not before he puts her a-s in the poor house – dumb b-tch!!!!

      1. How much is Kenya paying you to keep lying to yourself so hard? Delusion is one thing but these BS lies she has you spouting have got to stop. Damn!

  2. I can see I won’t like Claudia because like Kenya, she’s a try hard. Now Tamar shaded the hell out of her in her face on that Tiny Tonight show and she sat there and took it like a weak chick. Now she wants to turn up? Girl sit your fake a-s down.

      1. Again, and Kenya is doing what exactly? Winning? How? Where’s her career outside of RHOA? Why did it take her forever to save $20,000? Kenya is the least successful person on the show as it stands. LOL.

    1. Pretty and broke. LOL at it taking Kenya damn near a year to save up $20,000. SMH at Peter spending up all of Cynthia’s money on his dumb business ideas, and I am CACKLING at the fact that Claudia probably had to sleep with Rickey Smiley to get that gig from Ebony Steele and half of ATL to get a spot on RHOA. Girl goodbye. Y’all stan for these wack chicks like they are Rihanna and Beyonce, legitimate pretty girls with real careers and real money.

      1. I’ve always said none of these women should have stans. It’s just weird. Why should any of them be celebrated for cutting up on TV for a check? That’s easy and pathetic when you think about it. But stan away I guess.

    2. Chile please! Claudia is legit pretty, but Kenya is spackled to within an inch of her life. Underneath that makeup, her skin is like Freddie Kruger’s with pimples! That’s not attractive – sorry, not sorry!!!!

        1. Where? Kenya bought an as- she needs to return because it has lumps. Her boobs are not hers, and she wears a ton of makeup to hide her awful skin. You may like that sh-t…I dont!

  3. Cynthia is so fake. She’s only cool with Kenya now because she thought NeNe was on her way out. I don’t see why people kept thinking Todd was an opportunist when Cynthia is the biggest opportunist on the show and has been for a long time now.

  4. Claudia better sit down and keep it cute. There’s lot of tea out here on her and her bird mannerisms. Keep it cute bew.

  5. I just don’t get the hype for Claudia. I think she’s very pretty but so far all her little clap backs have been underwhelming. She’s not witty, she’s not smart, she talks with a lisp, she’s too much like Kenya and she’s a poser. And she’s like 41 years old still bragging about her looks but her life is very mediocre. You shouldn’t brag about your looks if they haven’t even upgraded your life. How are you 41 and just now starting to have some watered down version of a career? She can laugh at Phaedra all day but Phaedra had a career BEFORE she got on RHOA. Can’t say that much for Claudia or Kenya. Two peas in a pod.

  6. Both are just attention whoring. Phaedra didn’t even go in as hard as she could have. I can see this season I’m going to be more annoyed and turned off than I was last season. Too much pettiness and I can’t believe all these women are in their 40s.

  7. She’s calling Phae a coward but what was she when Tamar checked her on TV and she said nothing? Claudia needs to go somewhere with this borrowed courage.

  8. Someone put a d-ck in Claudia’s hands and fingers so she can log off Twitter permanently. And Cynthia is the weakest link. Even her little shade doesn’t make what Phaedra said any less true. She was NeNe’s lap dog for years and now she’s sitting on Kenya’s lap proudly.

  9. Yeah Claudia let Tamar talk bad to her mums was the word after and she was booted or quit the show girl bye Cynthia b-tch please!

  10. Team Twirl but I hope Queen Kenya doesn’t let her guard down with Cynthia. Cynthia is a user and a snake and can’t be trusted!!!!!

  11. Claudia will be picking her face off the ground at the reunion. She’s not witty and her comebacks are elementary. NeNe and Phaedra will demolish her. Talking about someone’s looks is so…weak. And Cynthia may be gorgeous, but I’d say she’s dumber than Porsha. At least Porsha had enough sense to marry someone with their own money and she actually has a real career now and not some imaginary modeling agency or production studio. Peter is out here right now spending what little is left of Cynthia’s money and she’s just sitting back and allowing it. Idiot.

  12. See I ran and here thinking Claudia gave Phaedra a read and now I’m salty I was even pressed in the first place. This was lame! And no words for Cynthia’s phony tail.

  13. Cynthia and Claudia are letting Kenya’s little stans hype them up for a disaster. Neither one of them are about that life.

    1. Just as soon as Miss Bath Salts actually puts hers in the Principal/Superintendent’s hands, and doesn’t pull another stunt. Since this is so much about HER after all.

    1. When she knew she was about to get kicked off the show and decided on being Kenya’s flunkie just to keep her place.

  14. NEWSFLASH!! Beauty fade! Real Housewives Of Atlanta…should be called “Shark Tank” these “B” are back biting like some blood has been shed. Claudia, only been on the show for a second and already in some sh*t…sit your banana shape @, down somewhere! Cynthia…Peter is going to take you to the river and make you drink…you should have been in the new movie “Dumb and Dumber”, you would be “Dumbest”! Kenya…mirror, mirror on the wall who is the ugliest of them all? Claudia and Kenya, they have the same ugly attitude, beauty come from within and not on the outside, the reason neither one of you can get and hold a man, because of your ugly attitudes. Your ways are ugly and Kenya’s skin look like the moon…work from the inside out because when you’re ugly, expect ugly things. Serious talk!

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