Former RHOA Star Lisa Wu Slams Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former RHOA star Lisa Wu may no longer be holding a peach, but the reality star is back on the small screen thanks to Todd Tucker’s new reality show “Hollywood Divas.” The TV One new hit show is doing well in ratings, but that doesn’t mean Lisa doesn’t have time to keep tabs on RHOA amid the show’s success.

In fact, in a recent interview with WetPaint Entertainment, Lisa had some interesting words about Kenya Moore and she even claims she’s glad she exited the show before Kenya came on.

Lisa says:

“I saw last season. I did. I’m glad I’m an outsider looking in. ‘Cause I don’t know… Kenya. I mean, I’ve met her a couple times, but this like whoa. I don’t think I could be on the show with her at that same time. It seems like there’s a lot of egging on or provoking, and the dynamics changed too, so I don’t know.”


    1. I say the same thing about NeNe. Hell Bravo hired Claudia because Kenya needed help taking down NeNe. Let’s not forget Kenya also can’t keep NeNe’s name out her mouth.

    1. I agree. Yes, it is entertaining but at the same time it’s draining to watch. I walk away feeling so negative.

      1. To you, maybe. But for the rest of us, we were watching for NeNe and Kandi/Todd/Momma Joyce. And Kenya’s whole storyline last season centered around NeNe. And it will be the same way this season. Claudia will be on NeNe’s boobs and Kenya will egg her on because they know NeNe is still the reigning queen. LOL.

  1. Lisa is not lying even though I don’t know what the hell she doing on Hollywood Divas which is a mess and I can’t believe what my eyes have witnessed. Has anybody watched it and if so will somebody please explain to me why the hell Paula Jai is staying in the Extended Stay Hotel.

      1. It’s a mess too see how far some of these chicks have fallen is really shocking while others are clearly delusional. Paula Jai is homeless living in a hotel and I just felt like shedding a tear when I seen Countess Vaughn she has let herself go. You should definitely watch it.

    1. I think this could be the case. But we’ll have to see how this works out. I do think Claudia and Kenya’s friendship will be tested. It’s the Bravo way.

  2. More of an opinion than a slam but whatevs lol. Nene still runs that and she did that solo if Kenya needs a sidekick to help “try” and dethrone Nene then she should just give it up already. Didn’t help when she had Marlo and I actually liked Marlo because if there was anyone that could go toe to toe with Lenethia it was her ijs.

  3. I think she was very honest and I agree with her. There’s no doubt Kenya changed the whole dynamics to the show as well as the change of producers. You can’t expect things to stay decent when the same people who produce LHHATL now run the show.

  4. LMAO!! I don’t think anyone really wants to work with Kenya if they can help it. She’s a cuckoo bird.

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