Kenya Moore Drags Tamar Braxton

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While Tamar Braxton may be keeping busy on social media shading her own sisters, it appears the R&B singer and reality star may have yet another beef on her hands. And this time she may have met her match.

The other night Tamar appeared on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” and when Andy asked her about Kenya Moore’s Twirl record, Tamar made it clear she’s not a Kenya fan and she actually prefers NeNe Leakes.

Tamar says:

“I didn’t know that was a serious record, no shade…Well, okay I can’t lie — she’s not my favorite. My favorite is NeNe and she’s a great girl…We had drinks like a half and a half week ago and I swear every Atlanta reality star was at the bar for some reason…OMG it was a scene with the gangsta lean honey…

“And I don’t know, something about the THIRST, of it all ya know. She’s a pretty girl. And it’s just like a pageant thing…reeks.”


Kenya got word of Tamar’s comments and clapped back in a few tweets, going straight for Tamar’s edges (read tweets from bottom to top):

kenya moore tweets


  1. Kenya ain’t want nothing with Tamar. All that was twitter courage – b-tch would have sh-t to say on her own. Kenya is one to talk about original face, seeing how hers would scare small children without all that spackle on it. FOH!!!!

      1. She’s a hater for not liking Kenya? And what does Kenya have to hate on? Last time I checked Tamar actually has a career and Kenya is stuck on RHOA. Y’all really think looks matter that much when a woman is in her 40s? All Kenya has is her looks and a title from over 25 years ago. Y’all really need to step outside the box so y’all can see what real success looks like.

      2. Your girl can’t deal with the fact that except for you 5 stans working overtime, no one cares for her and her ugly disposition.

  2. Why did Kenya tweet all that when Tamar didn’t even really say anything bad about her? Kenya is very childish. It wasn’t even that serious.

  3. Goes to show you Kenya will always be in her feelings when it comes to NeNe. She wants NeNe’s spot so bad and she’s salty she still can’t dethrone her.

  4. So she throws a Twitter tantrum because Tamar prefers Nene? She’s pathetic. People are entitled to like whoever they want. And honestly I prefer Nene too and that’s saying a lot because I don’t even like Nene. Kenya tries too hard.

  5. Those read like butthurt tweets. Tamar doesn’t have to like Kenya. A lot of people don’t. Kenya had the chance to come on the show and be likable but she opted to act like a b-tch instead. Now she’s mad most can’t stand her. It is what it is.

  6. Kenya’s really starting to feel herself too much. She’s acting like Tamar went all the way in when all she said is that she prefers NeNe. She also said she feels Kenya acts very thirsty on the show and many people feel that way too. Didn’t Lisa Wu just say that as well? Kenya may be a very nice person outside of RHOA, but I have to tell you it’s hard to believe that when she does this kind of stuff. And don’t act like a fool on TV and then get mad when people start to believe that’s who you really are.

      1. LOL! I know right. They just can’t understand that just maybe people don’t like them because they have stank attitudes and are always on some messy ish.

    1. Jealous of what boo? Neither Claudia or Kenya have better careers than Tamar. And I say that as someone who doesn’t even care for Tamar. But I have to admit she’s more successful than Kenya and Claudia put together. Not to mention Tamar has a rich husband. I’m just saying. LOL.

  7. I really don’t like Kenya. So what she’s mad because Tamar doesn’t want to worship her like her delusional stans do? And she doesn’t want to talk about bad plastic surgery because she’s had quite a bit done herself.

    1. I watch the show because of nene and kenya. Every one else is boring. Hate kenya all u want, u know she’s entertaining.

      1. If she was so entertaining she’d be invited to make the rounds of the talk shows, but that hasn’t happened. They’re asking for Nene! They know that even when she’s OTT, there’s still personality there.

  8. Well I don’t care for either of these immature b-tches. They can cluck at each other all day and I still wouldn’t give a sh-t.

  9. Kenya is so salty she’s still not more popular and liked than NeNe. Why doesn’t she have bigger goals in life than dethroning someone on a reality show?

  10. Kenya is a cornball. She has the weakest drags and reads ever. I can see why Tamar didn’t even respond. The jokes write themselves.

  11. Yawn. Meanwhile, Tamar is on her press run and heading to Good Day New York to talk about her successful talk show. Kenya could never. She may be pretty, but she will never have Nene and Tamar’s careers. *giggles*

  12. I like Kenya but I have to be real and say she overreacted. Tamar wasn’t rude and just gave her opinion. There was no need to do this.

  13. Kenya’s attempt to throw shade may have been valid if Tamar had nothing else going on but that isn’t the case.

  14. Edges or no edges I bet Kenya wishes she could be in Tamar’s shoes seeing as she has a talk show, decent music career, a rich husband and two reality shows. LOL.

  15. Kenya really lacks when it comes to clap backs. Maybe that’s why she still can’t demolish NeNe’s popularity.

  16. Am I the only one who sees this as confirmation that Kenya is jealous of Nene? She usually never responds to shade unless it gets under her skin. And Nene gets under her skin because she resents the fact Nene is more successful than her.

  17. All of a sudden Tamar has been riding the NeNe bus strong. I thought Kandi was her “BFF” & “favorite” ATL Housewife? Something tells me NeNe done promised her some form of “success”. #Shade

  18. OMG! At what age does the social media outcry, television bullying and the downright coward-ness stop. I am a fan of Tamar, but I will say when right is right and wrong is wrong. She has a preference of a person she likes and if Kenya look at a lot of the things that Kenya has said for her preference, what Tamar said didn’t really deserve a comment. However, when you are trying to ride someone’s else coattail for success, you create unnecessary beef to get a rating, which is sad because her appearance history actually is substantial within the T.V. world, remember ladies y’all are either trying to recreate or create a brand. Girl stop, and that goes for all beef, even the stupid beef that was between Tamar and K.Michelle, in which Tamar was wrong for starting. Let’s not relive that unnecessary beef either. Let’s look at it though, if your career is based off creating drama, what do we expect to see from you. It would be smart to find a talent, because when Tamar or K.Michelle can’t keep drama anymore, they have a voice to fallback on, what will Claudia and Kenya fall back on? I think that the multiple efforts should be put into a place that is useful, such as talent or skills. But, let’s remember Nene brand was created in this light, so maybe she is just trying to follow in her steps and actually admire Nene. IJS

  19. Tamar is not jealous of Kenya…maybe Kenya is jealous of Tamar because she has everything Kenya want. Tamar has a husband and a baby, something Kenya want real bad. Tamar really didn’t say anything bad about Kenya…IJS

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