Stevie J Hints at Benzino’s Possible LHHATL Exit?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Benzino hinted that he had multiple obstacles in the way of him returning for another season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” and blogger Funky Dineva claimed sources are saying Benzino can’t convince Mona Scott Young to sign Althea Heart on as full-time and paid cast member.

Benzino also hinted on Instagram recently that Stevie J was trying to get him kicked off the show out of spite, and now it appears that Stevie J may have confirmed it.

He tweeted the following recently amid Benzino’s Instagram accusations:

stevie j twitter copy


As far as the cast for next season is concerned, we’re hearing nothing has been finalized and negotiations are still being made.


  1. I read somewhere else that Stevie is basically one of the producers now. So Benzino was stupid to even try to go after him and Joseline. Push come to shove Mona will fire everyone else and keep those two because they make the show. And that’s why he’s really bitter.

  2. Benzino came on the show as Stevie’s sidekick. He messed up by trying to become the new Stevie. People will always be more interested in Joseline and Stevie than Benzino and Althea. He should stay in the lane that has been working for him: Sidekick.

  3. Benzino has been doing the most on IG too. But to be honest, I think he sealed his fate when he tried to fight the producer during the reunion.

  4. It just annoyed me how Benzino and Althea kept trying to act like their ish didn’t stink. You’re on LHHATL. You’re not Jay and Bey. Stop acting like you’re above all the messiness when both of you have been messy all season.

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