It’s Official: Benzino & Althea Fired from LHHATL

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you a week ago that it was being rumored that Mona Scott Young was resisting bringing Althea Heart on to LHHATL full-time, and Benzino was furious. Then Benzino hopped on his social media accounts and alluded to Stevie J and Joseline trying to get him and Althea axed from the show, but now it appears that the couple has officially been axed from the show.

Benzino got on Twitter moments ago and tweeted he had to find out through TMZ that they were fired.

He tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

benzino twitter 3

benzino twitter 2
benzino twitter


From the tweets, it appears Benzino plans to fight for his spot, but we’re thinking Benzino may have sealed his own fate when he kept throwing jabs at Mona on social media weeks prior and even tried to fight another producer on part two of the reunion special.


  1. See, this is what happens when you don’t stay in your lane. He wanted him and Althea to become the stars on the show when he was hired to be a sidekick. Now he’s lost his spot.

    1. I think most people did. But they really thought they were the stars and now they are getting a reality check.

    1. Now that he’s not on the show anymore, that little struggle magazine of his won’t be worth the paper it uses to print with, so I don’t know which half of zero Althea expects to get.

  2. I agree UB he got himself on the chopping block when he came for the producers, and Althea hurt her chances when she filed that lawsuit against Joseline. Producers hate when lawsuits come into play.

  3. I can see by his tweets that he’s still delusional. No one is checking for him and Althea like that. No one would have watched that wedding special if Stevie and Joseline weren’t in it. LHHATL has been and will continue to be Stevie and Joseline’s show with background characters. Benzino and Althea were background characters.

  4. Lol I don’t want to laugh but I can’t help it he is really hurt he got fired. But on a serious note this is truly pathetic of Benzino and keep in mind he does have a legitimate business he is not hurting for money. Jay-z said it best “fame is the worst drug known to man”.

  5. Why is he still begging to be on the show? He doesn’t need the money. Shid this is a blessing in disguise. That show is trashy as hell.

  6. So now he’s trying to say Stevie and Joseline used them for a storyline. That’s funny, because I always felt like him and Althea were using Stevie and Joseline for a storyline.

  7. Didn’t Mona say him getting shot was a blessing? And he still wants to work for her? He’s an idiot. He should have walked out on his own after she said that.

  8. But didn’t Benzino try to get Joseline and Stevie fired though? I guess he thinks we forgot about that. #Karma

  9. It was lights out when he came for the producers. He can pretend like it was something else, but that’s what it was. You can’t try the producers and expect to keep your job when you’re not even the star of the show.

  10. Well I can’t say I’m shocked. Benzino is the only one on the show who is constantly calling out producers and complaining about the show on a public platform. You burn bridges that way.

  11. He only got on the show in the first place because he was friends with Stevie. Now that they aren’t even friends, why does he think he deserves to stay on the show? He never had a purpose outside of Stevie. Friendship over? Ok, so is you time on the show. Get over it.

  12. I don’t like how self entitled Benzino and Althea are. They act like they are some sort of show saviors and they think they will bully Mona back onto the show. Have some damn pride and leave with some dignity. Why even fight to be somewhere you’re not wanted? That’s why I think he is having money problems. He claims to have money but why is he begging to get back on the show?

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