Peter Thomas Arrested? Peter Speaks out Amid Rumor

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Peter Thomas arrested? The other night Hip Hollywood ran an exclusive story claiming RHOA star Peter Thomas was arrested on Wednesday and he had his pal Apollo Nida to thank.

The site reports:

Earlier this year, Apollo received a sentence of eight years in prison for various types of fraud. But, it looks like he’s not going down unless he takes a few people with him. Sources tell HipHollywood, that Phaedra Parks’ incarcerated hubby wore a wire and got Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter caught up in some mess. As a result, our source tells us Thomas was arrested in Atlanta on Wednesday.

Luckily for viewers, HH sources also revealed this will be a huge part of the RHOA storyline when the popular Bravo show returns November 9th. And luckily for Nida, this could possible reduce his time behind bars.



Interestingly enough, when Peter got wind of the report, he wasted no time and responded in an Instagram video:

Peter says:

“I was told that Hip Hop Hollywood said I was arrested today for sh*t that had to do with Apollo. Hip Hop Hollywood, I hope you didn’t pay for that source. F*ck you, get your sh*t right. I’m having fun in Charlotte, baby.”


  1. I still think it’s true. I thought it was fishy that Peter got that car and it’s the same one Apollo got before he was busted. Then they became so buddy, buddy like Peter was in on it. Even Cynthia acted like she was confused about how he bought the car. But we’ll see.

    1. Everyone was confused about where he got the money to get a car. Peter can deny all he wants, but I still think he’s up to something.

  2. I’m giving this the side eye. For some reason I don’t think it’s completely false. I think there is some truth to it.

  3. Well a lot of people were thinking Peter had something to do with what Apollo was doing. But I do think if Peter was arrested it would have been everywhere and TMZ and Atlanta stations would have been all over it. That’s why I didn’t believe this story.

    1. Yeah I peeped that too. But if it happened, why didn’t someone like TMZ and the AJC catch it first? I think the truth is Peter is being investigated.

  4. I still think he may have been stealing money with Apollo. How are your businesses struggling but you have money to buy a luxury car?

  5. Maybe instead of sniffing behind Kenya’s messy a-s, Cynthia needed to he keeping a tight leash on the hubs. But since she let’s him run rings around her, I guess that’ll never happen.

  6. I was hoping this wasn’t true because the last thing we need is for the all black cast to be plagued with arrests and criminals. It’s just not a good look.

  7. Peter is still a con artist whether he has been arrested or not. What I can’t understand is how did Cynthia meet/fall for this using a$$ WI man wit no money or real job of his own…and how much more of her money is he gonna fck up on his ventures???

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