Moniece Doesn’t Regret Attacking Lil Fizz’s Girlfriend Amanda

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Moniece and Amanda fight leads to social media beef? “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Moniece and Amanda got social media buzzing when folks saw a clip of Moniece attacking Amanda during a conversation, but Moniece is making it clear she has no regrets.

MStars writes:

After the preview was seen on Monday, both ladies have expressed their opinion on the violent incident.

Moniece made it clear that she is not sorry for her actions, uploading a photo that read:

“I’M ME, (NO APOLOGIES).” She captioned the photo, “and there you have it. i do not condone violence but there are certain things you don’t do or say to a mother. #sorryimnotsorry i’m not with the meaningless chit chat i am however about that action.” But Amanda fired back, and seems to be “A Ok.”

“What I look like fighting a chick that has nothin to lose but her cell phone ?? #butwhyyousomad,” Fizz’s girlfriend writes.


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The attack will air in full next Monday.


  1. When you see a crazy b-tch taking off her jacket in front of you, you need to go ahead and get your hands ready. Amanda learned that day.

    1. Lil fizz told her moniece was crazy. He warn amanda not to meet with moniece, Amanda had to learn the hard way. Moniece is a low life fool that refuse to take care of her son.

      1. Because she is a baby-sitter. Fizz wanted her to play mommy/baby-sitter and she agreed like an idiot. Now she’s even getting her a-s whooped by the child’s mom. If that ain’t a sign to get the hell on I don’t know what it is.

  2. This is what happens when you try to step in and become mom to some man’s child when you’re not even married. Amanda is too young for all this drama. She needs to dump Fizz and move on with her life. It’s not her job to be his son’s mom! And Moneice is a crazy b-tch!!!!!

    1. WHOA! Fizz needs to dump her cheating a-s first and foremost. Secondly, she shouldn’t have met up with Moniece anyway Fizz should be doing that not the girlfriend. They met once and nothing was resolved. Let him handle the mother of HIS child not the girlfriend

  3. So Amanda has been taking care of Moniece’s son (who she doesn’t take care of) and she still attacks her like a hoodlum. Yeah, time to move on Amanda.

  4. This chick is one nutcase got time to meet up and fight someone but don’t have to take care of her son. Amanda missed an opportunity I would have drug that ho every chance I could hell if she was doing her job as a mother Fizz wouldn’t be trying to make Amanda into one. She could have beat all her frustrations out of Moniece missed opportunity smh.

  5. When LAHH Hollywood first came on and I saw Moniece; she was the one who stood out to me; I was like its something about her. After this clip now I know why she has quick hands. I don’t condone violence, but Moniece already told Fizz she is emotionally spent because it seems like everyone is causing hell in her life. She is fighting with Fuzz or vice versa and her parents. Plus on top of that she is trying to get back on her feet. All of this can make a person turn up real quick. For some reason I am not feeling Amanda. I don’t think she really wants to be in Fizz’s life as a surrogate mother. I think she is overwhelmed by that aspect and just not ready, but Fizz wants that because it is hard being a single parent. I hope Moniece can get it together and find other ways to deal with her stress and get back on her feet so she can provide a stable environment for herself and son; I think she is still in love with Fizz and vice versa and they might be able to work it out if they choose and can find a healthy route to do so. I know the feeling though. I wish everyone well in this situation; mostly Moniece, Fizz, but most importantly their child.

  6. And this helps you get back custody of your child how? I’ll wait …. (You really should be ashamed of yourself but I know you’re not because you obviously lack moral fiber)

  7. Yeah this situation won’t end well. I’ve had my own experience in dealing with baby mama drama and no matter how civil you try to be, a broad with entitlement issues and loose screws cannot be tamed OR expected to have any type of civil interaction. If peace is what she wants she should probably just dip now, unless they cut her off altogether which doesn’t seem to be a problem since she’s not involved in her child’s life anyway.

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