Moniece Slaughter Responds After Her Parents Say They Don’t Believe She’s Pregnant

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Moniece Slaughter is pregnant with her second child.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” alum Moniece Slaughter walked away from the show to mend her co-parenting relationship with Lil Fizz. Since the show’s debut, they clashed a lot. At times, Fizz would even criticize Moniece’s parenting. He also said that he wanted full custody at the height of their issues. Interestingly enough, Moniece and Fizz are on much better terms now that she is no longer on LHHH. She even revealed that Fizz has been very supportive of her latest pregnancy. Moniece has shown love to Fizz on social media as well, praising how great he’s been as a father to their son Kameron. So it seems as if Moniece’s decision to leave reality television to fix their co-parenting issues was indeed a wise move.

Interestingly enough, Moniece still isn’t exactly drama-free unfortunately. In fact, she’s not on good terms with the father of her unborn baby.

Weeks ago, she told her followers that he filed a bogus restraining order against her. And she alleged that he was messing around with another woman that she’s also been having drama with. Although Moniece is excited to have another child, her relationship with her ex is a stressful one. She’s been in and out of court to handle the current situation. However, another big source of contention is most likely her fallout with her parents.

They made headlines recently because they told their social media followers that they aren’t convinced that Moniece is actually pregnant.

Some of Moniece’s supporters have said that they feel it’s insensitive of her parents to say these things on social media. And the timing of it all is just making Moniece’s pregnancy even more stressful.

Well, Moniece recently addressed her parents’ comments. At this point, she is completely done. She doesn’t even see Marla Thomas as a mother anymore.

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