K Michelle Shades Benzino & Althea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

 Last week it was confirmed that Mona Scott Young and the rest of the producers decided to fire Benzino and his fiancee Althea Heart. While there’s been conflicting reports on why the couple was let go (we heard it was over for him once he tried to fight a producer on television), K Michelle seems to know the real reason the couple was handed pink slips.

In a recent interview with WetPaint Entertainment, K says:

“If it’s your time to go, then it’s your time to go. I thought Benzino was wilding. I mean, they were boring as s—t to me, so it is what it is.

“I mean, there were other reasons they were let go that I’m not at liberty to say, and he deserved that, to be let go. It was a serious situation.”

K also laughed off Benzino’s claim that he was one of the people that made the show successful:

“Him? I’m queen of Love & Hip Hop. And with Joseline [Hernandez] and Stevie [J.] too, everybody else is replaceable. Bye. I’m just being honest.”

In related news, Althea has decided to file a police report on Joseline for the reunion brawl, and Joseline will be taken into custody if she runs into New York police.


  1. I think he got fired because he tried the producers one too many times. He let Althea get in his head and her foolish self cost both of them their spots. She wanted to be the new Joseline and no one was even watching for her.

  2. Uh oh now No Neck will be crying on Twitter again. I think people just need to drop this and let Benzino and AlTHOTA fade back into irrelevance.

  3. Althea and Benzino so petty filing lawsuits and pressing charges because they got fired see this kinda behavior is why they got the boot. But yet a couple of days ago Benzino was on twitter begging for his job back. Threatening to file lawsuits & fight producers is why he got the pink slip. You really think people going to employ you with and fill your pockets to sue them.

  4. A police report? So not only have they completely burned bridges with VH1, but now all the other networks will see him and Althea as too risky to deal with. My goodness they’re idiots.

  5. I think Althea and Benzino think they can scare Mona into putting them back on the show but they are in for a huge disappointment.

  6. I agree but K needs to understand everyone is replaceable to Mona. As soon as people stop checking for her, Mona will kick her to the curb too. The good thing is K actually has a music career to fall back on.

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