Naomi Campbell Begged Andy Cohen to Fire Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” beauty Kenya Moore claims the other housewives can’t stand her just because she’s beautiful, but it appears another well know beauty can’t stand her either.

Bravo heavyweight Andy Cohen reveals in his new memoir that while everyone on social media was picking sides and debating why either Porsha Williams or Kenya Moore needed to be fired for the reunion violence, apparently supermodel legend Naomi Campbell begged Andy in person for Kenya to be axed.

In “The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year,” Andy writes:

“The dinner was pop culture theater — Kanye and Beyoncé wandering by, Taylor Swift looking for Lena Dunham. Naomi (Campbell) came over to me three times in the course of the entire evening screaming, “Keep Porsha (Williams from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’). DO NOT FIRE HER! I CAN’T STAND KENYA (Moore)!”


As much love as Kenya has shown Naomi on Instagram, we can’t imagine she’d be happy about this.


  1. BWAHA!!!! Queue Team Twirl climbing up Kenyas a-s in about 5 seconds, to assure her that Naomi is just feeling threatened by Kenya’s incredibly exotic beauty, and her many accomplishments in life. Lord, this is gonna be good!!!

    1. LOL. And she’s not an exotic beauty. They act like Kenya is the only black woman in the world with long hair that’s actually hers. That just oozes self hate to me. Oh let’s praise Kenya because she’s a black woman with long hair and that’s so rare!!!! No, it’s not. Especially now that so many of us are natural and taking better care of our hair.

      1. OMG this!!!!!! There’s so much self hate that comes from her and her stans. The way they make a big deal out of her hair and the fact that she’s attractive like she’s the only black woman with those features. And they will talk down to the whole race if you don’t like her. It’s disgusting.

    1. They didn’t really believe that themselves. It’s just the only way they can cope with people not liking Kenya. LOL.

    1. Let em. There ain’t sh-t they can type that will change the fact that Naomi is a living legend and respected by many.

    1. *blank stare* Even with no edges, Naomi’s whole career takes a massive dump on Kenya’s entire life. Stan for who you want, but don’t be stupid. Naomi is one of the most revered supermodels of all time. You wouldn’t even be thinking or hearing about Kenya if she wasn’t being pimped out by Bravo.

    2. LOL I love it. Naomi is a bald headed chicken with an english accent…lets keep it real. Kenya has more class in her pinky than Naomi has in her entire skinny body. Oh pretend to forget the poor assistant incident, trying to get Tara Banks fired…now here she is trying to get Kenya fired! Who in the hell does this? The more hate insecure black women show Kenya, the more I respect her journey.

      1. And Kenya is a chicken with a head full of hair. A chicken is a chicken, and Kenya hasn’t done anything since she won Miss USA in the 90s. Naomi may be a mess, but at least she gets REAL respect from the entire fashion industry. She’s a legend. She has a real career. Kenya doesn’t and she only gets praise from a handful of reality TV fans who wouldn’t know what a real career looks like if hit y’all in the face. I mean seriously, y’all have the lowest standards. But in a Kim Kardashian era, I guess I shouldn’t be shocked when people stan for mediocre talentless attention whores. I’d happily be edgeless Naomi Campbell over a washed up beauty queen pimping herself out on a reality show.

        1. You just just been given Pulitzer prize for reading. Of course as dense and delusional as “Team Twirl” is they’ll have a comeback. smdh.

  2. BHAHAHAHAHA! And I like Naomi even more after hearing this. FYI Andy is such as messy queen for putting this out here but nevertheless I’m here for it lol.

  3. Kenya better shut the f-ck up too because Naomi will really whoop her a-s. And she’ll do worse than drag her on the floor by her hair too.

    1. Wait, so that was Kenya’s twin who said she had a bullet with Phaedra’s name on it? That was her twin who kept saying to the other women that she was from Detroit, and could whoop some ass if necessary? And that must’ve been her Siamese twin, that threatened to beat up a pregnant Phaedra at the reunion? Y’all stans really need to stop with the bullsh-t…seriously!

    1. Hating on WHAT? Let’s be honest here. If Kenya could trade places with Naomi, don’t you think she would? But would Naomi trade places with Kenya? Nope. That would be a downgrade for her.

  4. Well….I will give KENYA that…she is an attractive person…..BUT SHE HAS B A D Skin!!! & IT DOESN’T MATTER IF UR INTER BEAUTY IS U G L Y!!!

  5. This is why Kenya should have never done RHOA in the first place. People see the way she acts on the show and it makes people not like her. Instead of burning bridges with real power players, she should have been networking all these years so she could have had a better career. But her TV actions have turned off people she could have networked with. Reality TV isn’t for everyone. It truly hurts more people than it helps.

  6. Kenya is only going to be hated even more after Celebrity Apprentice. When people see her steal Viv’s phone, she will never be able to repair her image. She’ll be labeled as a crazy bish for life after that.

  7. Kenya is a very attractive woman of color but I can tell she have self-esteem issues. Kenya is intimated by any other woman of color who is attractive. First, she befriend you and try to find out your weaknesses, then she try and use what she think she know about you against you. 1. She knew, Porsha was young and didn’t have much schooling, this is why she kept calling her stupid to get underneath her skin 2. Kenya knew, Phendra and Apollo was married and in love so she started to flirt with Apollo to get underneath Phendra skin 3. She want Nene position on the show, tried to make her look bad by starting that fight at the hotel. Kenya is a snake in the grass maybe that why nothing worked out for her, plus she’s conceited, let other people compliment you…get your head out your @! Naomi, will teach you a thing or two! Lol!

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