Bruce Jenner’s Mom Calls Kardashian Girls Sluts

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While Kim is on a high thanks to all the attention she’s garnering for releasing her nude spread with Paper Magazine (which we honestly believe was nothing more than a stunt to quiet down Khloe’s latest Instagram controversy), her former step Grandmother has some not so nice words for her and her sisters.

Bruce Jenner’s mother Esther Jenner did a candid interview with The Daily Mail, and she didn’t hold back when she was asked how she feels about the Kardashian girls.

While she loves Kylie and Kendall and feels they are truly good girls at heart (she also claims Kris Jenner wasn’t a hands on mom and left Bruce to do most of the parenting while she ran around with her girlfriends), Esther doesn’t think too highly of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

Not only did Esther claim the trio was always rude to her, but she even says she thinks Kris has failed them as a mother because she pretty much raised them to be sluts:

“Oh my God, the ways the girls display themselves … and it’s all surgical work they’ve had done, what are they trying to prove? Kris hasn’t brought them up with any morals, you know, go out and go sleep with anybody … that sort of thing, you wouldn’t tell your own children to do that.”


Esther also says that Kylie is currently going through a teenage rebellion phase, but she’s proud Kendall is the one who has a legitimate career in the family as a model.


  1. She stated the obvious…the jury is still out on those other ones. Kendall used her mamas connects to get into modeling so we shall see

    1. They, the Kardashians, have all come from the gutter and none more so than Kris the mum. They all deserve the title of sluts

  2. Granny told no lies though. I read this yesterday I would think this story would get more buzz especially since Kim has returned back to her roots basically being a porn star on the cover of a magazine but y’all know how Kris do she probably paid people not to run the story.

  3. Kris is training her girls to be just like she was… an opportunistic, calculating, tramp. She sees nothing wrong with this because to her success means being famous and having money. That’s it. The sad thing is Kim is exactly like her. So I can see Kim training North to take the same path she did.

  4. Kendall is the only one who is somewhat normal. That is why she keeps trying to distance herself from her family.

  5. Kim Kardashian has no talent, no education and is a porn star, all of the Kartrashians are ugly, have you seen them with no makeup, a bunch of clueless whores running around with make up, glorified prostitutes, Bruce Jenner must be proud, his reputation is ruined! Bruce Jenner is pathetic,he left two other families that he had to raise the Kardashian whores and now he has two other whores, what a sad man!!!!!

  6. GO mama Esther! you said it! All Kardashians are slutty. They need not “act” shocked. Sadly for our society that is exactly their claim to fame. Kris is the number one slut and now they have recruited those two Jenner girls, who are actually altering their looks to appear more “Kardashian” than Jenner. Kris is not the one who has given the girls their exotic looks, that comes from their fathers side. And wouldn’t he be embarrassed and ashamed of his girls. They have ruined his family name. They are all disgusting.

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