Moniece Makes Some Serious Accusations About Lil Fizz

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Moniece Slaughter has been at odds with Lil Fizz over custody issues regarding their son, and she’s also been getting into it with his on and off again girlfriend Amanda Secor.

Fizz says he’s about tired of Moniece being violent but now Moniece says he’s actually violent himself.

Wetpaint Entertainment writes:

Earlier on the show, Fizz mentioned his turbulent relationship with Moniece, which led to the former B2K rapper obtaining an order of protection against Mo after she busted his car windows. However, in a recent interview with Cocoa Fab, Moniece dished that is was Fizz who was violent with her.

“I never made it to the car because he physically assaulted me before I could get there,” Monice said. Moniece would go on to describe other instances in which Fizz was allegedly abusive.

“He has done things like kick my dog across the room and he decided to engage a full-on fight with me after he threatened to take my son and never bring him back home,” Moniece said, adding, “He is selfish, spoiled and he has this ridiculous sense of entitlement. In his home that is nurtured and everyone walks on eggshells around him. He carries that with him in real life.”


  1. Now I’m not one to call bullsh-t on abuse allegations, but didn’t she just slap the dog sh-t out of his girlfriend? Sorry, but she seems like she’d wanna whoop his a-s too!

  2. Is this supposed to excuse how violent she is? Well it doesn’t. Both of them need to grow up and keep their hands to themselves.

  3. I think Moniece ain’t telling the whole truth. Now we just saw this b-tch hop across the table and drag Amanda as calmly as possible. So we’re supposed to believe she won’t fist fight Fizz? I honestly believe she will square up with him too and actually win that sh-t.

  4. It seems to me that Moniece is trying to turn herself into a victim. First she accused Fizz of violating a court order and kidnapping their son and that she actually had custody of him an obvious lie. Now here come the abuse claims. This is typical behavior of a narcissistic liar.

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