Kenya Moore Explains Why She Didn’t Quit RHOA After Reunion Assault

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore revealed on the season seven RHOA premiere that she’s still upset Porsha Williams assaulted her at the reunion, and months before contracts were signed for season seven, Kenya hinted she wasn’t so sure she’d return for another season.

Interestingly enough, Kenya explains why she decided to continue holding a peach and she tells New York’s Pix 11 Morning News:

“I had to really weigh the options; is this worth it? I went through a terrible time after the reunion, and I had to just reevaluate the situation. I asked myself a lot of questions. I had a lot of questions and conversations with the production company, with Bravo, and we got to a really good place; and that’s why I’m back.”


As far as beefs go, Kenya also says she hasn’t ruled out being friends with Phaedra Parks again.


    1. Thank you. And I question now if that’s the case for most people now. All these networks want to do is pimp everyone out and they’re too desperate to walk away and make money in a more respectful way.

  1. Porsha could have put her silly butt in the hospital and Kenya would have still came back to do another season. She’s desperate and will tolerate anything to stay on that ratchet a-s show.

      1. Umm noticed I said “could of” meaning hypothetically. My point again is Porsha could have actually done some damage and Kenya still would have returned to the show. And since you’re now admitting Porsha did nothing but pull hair, can you please explain why Kenya is acting like she was battered and overdoing it with the victim BS? I mean if Porsha only pulled her hair, why is she being so dramatic about it? That premiere was nothing but bad acting from her.

  2. The delusions of this woman never cease to amaze me. Girl you have nothing going for yourself you need RHOA that’s why you staying no need to front. And if anybody doubts that what exactly was she doing before RHOA *crickets*. Before RHOA last time I seen her was on a rerun of Martin with a one liner.

  3. I doubt she has options like that. The thing with reality shows is most don’t get offers outside of another reality show. Maybe she should focus less on this exhausted Apollo storyline and focus more on getting solid opportunities that will be more lucrative. Like NeNe and Kandi have done.

    1. Do you really think this will make people who don’t like Kenya join Team Twirl now? Umm no. People don’t like her for plethora of reasons. The Apollo thing was just one reason out of many.

  4. So I see that Apollo childish behavior towards his wife continues. This whole season seems like the “Blame Phaedra Tour”.

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