Royce Reed & Dwight Howard Back at It

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you months ago that it looked as if Royce Reed and Dwight Howard finally buried the hatchet and figured out a way to peacefully co-parent their son Braylon, but it appears the former couple is back to messy terms.

According to TMZ, Royce recently called Children Services in Orlando, Florida back in August because she felt Dwight may have severely beaten their child.

However, Children Services sided with Dwight and felt he didn’t overdo it with the spanking.

TMZ writes:

Authorities interviewed Howard and he confessed to the belting, but said he didn’t realize there was anything wrong with it because he was disciplined the same way as a kid. Howard’s lawyer filed legal docs claiming he never caused marks, bruises, welts or injuries requiring medical treatment.

Sources connected to Howard tell TMZ … Children’s Services closed out the case after determining the injuries depicted in the photos were not caused by a belting. In other words … whatever Howard did was not that serious.

And there’s this twist … Howard filed legal docs Wednesday and he’s gunning for full custody, claiming Reed is a shockingly unfit mother who gives the kid psychotropic drugs just so she can have a “chemical babysitter.”

Howard’s rep tells TMZ, authorities found the allegations “frivolous,” adding, “It’s no coincidence that these false allegations were ‘leaked’ on the heels of Dwight filing for major custody of his son.”


Royce is calling BS on TMZ’s side to the story and she says the investigation is still open:

royce reed instagramroyce reed instagram 2royce reed instagram 3


TMZ clapped back at Royce and claims it got confirmation that the case is indeed closed:

We now have confirmation that the Florida Dept. of Children and Families closed the investigation, concluding, “The investigation is being closed with no substantiated findings of physical injuries.” The report also states Howard was interviewed by authorities.


  1. I’m so over these parents and their custody drama. Damn just be a good parent and coparent like a damn adult. All this is so petty to me.

  2. Welp in the US court, if the man has money and fame he will get custody. If the man has neither, the mom usually wins. Sorry Royce. You’re about to lose this one.

  3. The sad thing is you don’t know who to believe because Dwight & Royce are both liars. I just feel sorry for their son.

  4. Is he going to try to get custody for his 12 other kids too? Yeah, didn’t think so. This is all spiteful on both sides.

  5. I can’t with these two. And Royce needs to stop fighting her battles on IG and get herself a good lawyer because I guarantee you Dwight did.

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