Kenya Moore Compares New Boyfriend to Barack Obama

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA star Kenya Moore is always getting clowned by the other housewives for allegedly not having a man, but it appears Kenya may have the last laugh this time around.

The reality star revealed in a recent interview with US Weekly that she does indeed have a new boyfriend and she says he reminds her of Barack Obama:

“The man I’m seeing is so much like him,” she teased. “Just very refined and elegant and funny. But so not ratchet.”


  1. I think I would like Kenya more if she wasn’t such a liar. Why is she so ashamed of being single? It’s nothing wrong with being single. It’s better than being married to a criminal like Phaedra.

  2. Please don’t involve our beloved president into your shenanigans and lies Miss Kenya “lying a-s” Moore. Matter of fact don’t even mention his name witch.

  3. Off topic, but RHOA is boring to me now. Maybe it will get better, but I’m not feeling it. Everything seems so fake and forced.

      1. I think people only want Nene to be her catty and messy self. They don’t want to see her working. It’s kind of sad when you think about it. We consider them working and being happy as boring. But when they fight and argue, we love it.

        1. Sad indeed. But whenever NeNe gets messy everyone rushes to criticize her and wish for her downfall. I actually miss the days of RHOA when the ladies could at least be cordial and have genuine fun. Now everything is calculated to set up the next drama filled scene.

  4. Does she really think people are buying this? If Kenya had a real man, she would bring him around because she cares that much what people think about her.

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