Bow Wow Slams Black People over Erica Mena

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bow Wow and “Love and Hip Hop New York” star Erica Mena have been getting lots of flak for their engagement and lots of folks aren’t buying that the romance is even real.

Despite that, Erica is willing to prove the authenticity of her love for Bow Wow by quitting LHHNY after season five, and Bow Wow keeps declaring his love for the reality star on his social media accounts.

And he definitely clapped back when comedian Tony Rock called Erica a hoe on Twitter.

We’re assuming Tony Rock’s tweet is what caused Bow Wow to slam black people on Facebook the other day:

bow wow facebook


  1. This isn’t a black people thing. I’m confident that white people would call Erica a hoe too if they knew who she was. She’s a less known Kim Kardashian. Nasty past, trashy, reality star.

  2. I didn’t really think people cared about this relationship enough to comment on it like that. Learn something new everyday I suppose.

  3. He still acts like a female. Now why trash the whole race over someone you’re not even going to be with in a few years? Who else is going to pay Bow Wow attention besides black people? I’ll wait.

  4. Shut the f-ck up Bow Wow. In true lame fashion he calls out black people because he is too scared to call out Tony Rock solely who said nothing but the truth. All races of people have been talking about his relationship but right after Tony calls his woman a whore blame the black folks. GTFOH he a weak lame.

  5. No fool! Your people want more for you than nasty-a-sed, possibly infected ho! But if you want her that badly, have at it. Just be sure give us all a pass when it goes sour, or you’re looking for some publicity. After all, us “ignorant” back folks ain’t got time for your foolishness!

  6. He’s mad now but he would be in his feelings if they weren’t getting any attention. Both of them are attention whores.

  7. Stop PMSing and man up Bow Wow. Get at Tony Rock like you said you was and stop blaming a whole race that really could care less about this relationship. This s&!t just good bathroom convo at best sucka. Cause we aint loosing no sleep over it.

  8. Really??? Shouldn’t he be addressing the fact that Tony Rock said something cuz the rest of us don’t care. I don’t even think about them until I read a story…..anyway him and her need to be focusing on what they are gonna be doing for work being that 106&Park is finally getting cancelled and this gold digga is tryna quit #LHH like she lucked up and got a baller FOH

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