TMI: Erica Mena Brags on Bow Wow’s Bedroom Skills

Photo Credit: BET
Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cyn cheated on Erica? Erica Mena and Bow Wow are engaged to be married, and while Bow Wow is busy defending Erica’s honor on social media, Erica’s defending his “manhood” in interviews.

When VIBE asked Erica about how Bow Wow feels about people still viewing him as “Lil” Bow Wow, she says:

“Well that’s because none of his d*ck pics have been leaked before.

“It’s a full hand. A fist and sh*t.


In related news, Erica also tells Vibe that she ended things with Cyn because she was unfaithful:

“She’s with someone else. She has been the whole time we were dating. You guys are gonna see all this transpire. But with or without Cyn, the show must go on. So me and Bow kissed, we got in trouble, and after that kiss is when I saw his feelings for me really start to show on that higher level. When I realized I was in love with him, it was the craziest thing because once I told him that me and Cyn were really done and over with, the first thing he was really concerned about was how I felt. So before he kind of made his initial move, he was trying to literally, as a friend, keep me going through that whole breakup. That’s when I realized it was more than that. Just because this is someone that actually gives a f*ck about me as a person, my feelings, my mindstate. So it was the first time I really found someone who didn’t care about the Rich thing, didn’t care what people said about me, didn’t care about nothing but just Erica Mena the person.”


  1. Whatever. Erica is one of the main reasons LHHNY has gotten so lame. You can tell most of the things she does and says is BS. Are her and Bow Wow even really together? Probably not.

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