Mariah Huq Fired from ‘Married to Medicine’?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mariah Huq fired? “Married to Medicine” star Mariah Huq’s hubby Aydin confirmed she recently miscarried their twins, and many suspected we would see the heartbreak unfold in the upcoming season of the show.

But now sources are claiming that we won’t because Mariah was axed.

It’s unclear as to why Mariah won’t be returning, but some folks are claiming producers felt she was too hard to work with. However, sources close to Mariah claim she walked away because producers only wanted to show her in conflict.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

Those close to her say they weren’t interested in showing other facets of her personal life. In fact, they didn’t want Mariah to show or share her most recent pregnancy, which sadly later ended in a miscarriage, with viewers. We’re told Mariah was asked to return, but believes they’d ‘diminish’ her horribly for ratings.

While Mariah’s casting status is still in question, it appears that she’ll still have an Executive Producer credit and will work behind-the-scenes in some capacity. Meanwhile, Quad, Toya, Dr. Simone, Dr. Jackie, Lisa Nicole Cloud and Dr. Heavenly will return. The new official cast member is a woman named Jill Conners.


It’s also being speculated that another reason Mariah won’t be returning is because none of her cast mates wanted to film with her.



    1. Well she still has her ownership of the show,and she still a EP so she definitely is good. In the end of the day Mariah is stil Queen Bee because she still has getting her coin from the show. Now, I really don’t want to watch, without Mariah, Mariah was the drama of the show lol.

  1. I hate that they did Mariah the way they did. And Quad will see soon that’s she also disposable. That’s why it pays to make money outside of a reality show because when they’re done with you, that’s it.

  2. ATL housewives, LHH, and BGC is enuff bishes arguin and not getting along for me….so yeah I don’t watch this show and could care less

  3. Bravo is only interested in drama, cattiness, and conflict. Most of their reality shows revolving around women (particularly Black women) are now unbalanced and exhausting. If this is true, Mariah probably wasn’t willing to act a fool for the cameras. Considering their recent tragedy, I wish for nothing but the best for Mariah and her family moving forward.

  4. Good, now she can take her delusional ” Queen Bee” status and exit Stage Left! Mariah was ridiculous on that show.

  5. This is probably a blessing in disguise. The show has taken a very nasty turn and her friends stabbed her in the back. I would have left on my own.

  6. I really did like Mariah, Lucy was a bit much and made things bad a lot of the times. It just shows that we have not overcome we will sell one another to the highest bidder. Slavery is still in. Let someone else take what she bought to the table my sisters, and push her out, what great sisterhood these professional sisters have shown us. This was Mariah’s baby if they did not want to tape with her get out, but oh NO the love of a dollar, lets sell her and get more dollars. Slavery in the 20th century, lucky us, lucky Mariah.

  7. No Mariah!..No show! Period.

    They need to hurry up and bring her back if they want to keep this show on the network. These other women are boring and too phony to keep watching.

  8. They did Mariah sooo wrong! Quad is a Mariah wanna be, with her hood rat big foehead a-s!! Mariah had her back so many times and is the reason that she is still on the show! I’m pissed, I wont be watching anymore!

  9. I wont be watching the show anymore if Mariah is not there. Quad thinks she is the Star now she’s nasty and fake a real showgirl.

  10. I have to agree with the Quad comments. She is so out of place on this show. She’s such a “wannabe”, it’s pathetic. Too ghetto for me.

  11. I certainly missed Mariah on the show, the other ladies are BORING, STIFF and acting as if they are reading from a script. Not interesting, degrees have gotten way above your heads. Stopped watching the show. MARIAH please start another show, enjoyed “Blackadeshi”

  12. Why did Mariah came back on the show .. Like omg .. I’m not team Mariah at all. Get over it and move on, just watching her drains me .

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