Quad Webb Doesn’t Want Dr. Gregory Lunceford & Sweet Tea to Be Her Storyline on M2M

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Some Married 2 Med fans took issue with Quad Webb being iced out.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb has been a hot topic on social media due to the events of the latest season. She wasn’t in a good space with the majority of her costars. The group felt like Quad would only come around to film. So when the show was on hiatus, they didn’t talk to Quad. Dr. Heavenly Kimes accused Quad of being a user. Dr. Simone Whitmore led the charge in asking Quad to leave the Napa Valley trip early. The group said she failed to take accountability for anything, including her feud with Toya Bush-Harris.

Another controversial situation for Quad was the addition of Dr. Gregory Lunceford and his new wife, Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford. Sweet Tea said Heavenly and Dr. Jackie Walters were the two who encouraged her to join the cast. Interestingly enough, Heavenly eventually told Carlos King she wanted Sweet Tea to be on the show for laughs. Heavenly figured Sweet Tea would clash with Quad and Quad would read her while the cameras were present. However, Sweet Tea and Quad didn’t have the face-off people expected. Both women said they didn’t have an issue and drama was unnecessary. But Quad’s choice to shade Sweet Tea led to a little back and forth at the reunion.

Regardless, some fans are still happy Quad and Sweet Tea’s experiences on the show remain independent. An Instagram user even said they were happy that Quad didn’t make Gregory and Sweet Tea her storyline.

The person commented on The Peach Report’s post of Quad and Wendy Osefo’s WWHL appearance.

“Yes! Love you and Wendy! I also appreciate you trying not to have conflict with Sweet Tea and Greg and not trying to make that situation a storyline for you!”

Quad responded, “Yeah, I’m not interested in that. They have their life and I have mine. I’m sure my life is quite interesting. I don’t want to nor do I need to make them a storyline.”

Check out the screenshots here.


  1. They literally brought Tea & Greg on to be Quad’s storyline which is why Quad went to the bachelorette party. She lies so much.

  2. Why is Quad there? She is no Doctor, neither married to one. This show is just Messy, Messy, Messy for some over educated broads.

  3. Heavenly also said that, she and Jackie got Sweet Tea on the show so they could laugh when Quad shaded her. Quad had, has, nothing going on without using Dr. G and Tea. If she did, she wouldn’t have to make snarky comments about Sweet Tea for click bait.

  4. Quad, snooded the MM Wives during her house warming. She acknowledged the Sister Circle team and not the MM. So you reap what you sew! I hope she is still loving those dogs!

  5. Well Candiace is just one that should have her talents redirected. She’s a pretty good actress. I would love to see her on the Soaps! Also, the comment to Giselle “white looking, A**” was so racist…she may need to take a break.

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