‘Married to Medicine’ Newbie Dr. Alicia Egolum out After Only One Season

Photo Credit: Bravo

Another Married 2 Med newbie is out after just one season.

Married to Medicine” newbie Dr. Alicia Egolum wasn’t thrilled about her marriage to Dr. Nkemakonam Egolum being criticized by the fans and other cast members last season. Kema made some controversial comments. He told the other husbands that wives needed to be “trained” to put their husbands first. Kema bragged that he trained Alicia to be submissive. Dr. Jackie Walters was not here for any of this. She told Kema that women are not dogs and shouldn’t be treated as such. When Toya Bush-Harris asked Alicia why she was okay with Kema saying he trained her, Alicia responded by insisting that Dr. Eugene Harris needed to train Toya.

The couple also admitted that they are very reserved in the bedroom and they don’t orally please each other.

While some fans said they appreciated seeing a more “traditional” marriage on the show, others believed Kema’s way of thinking was problematic. So they were critical of him and the marriage on social media.

Alicia clapped back at the critics on social media. She said fans were so used to seeing husbands be “emasculated” that her marriage is seen as “foreign.” And Kema is the head while she’s the neck.

Interestingly enough, it looks like fans won’t be seeing much of Alicia and Kema in the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine.” No Chaser TV is reporting that Alicia confirmed she’s not returning in a DM.

“It was exclusively confirmed to me today by Dr. Alicia herself that she will not be returning to ‘Married to Medicine.’ I had been doing some snooping behind the scenes to figure it out. And I said, you know what? I’m just going to ask her myself. And today she did confirm to me that she will not be returning.”

Check out the screenshot and clip below.


  1. Bye bye Alisha 👋! You thought following the example of Quad and going after Toya was the way to stay on the show. It was not. New people should be start off nice and secure the bag first.

  2. Bye 👋 Alicia. She came in to hot 🔥. Alicia thought being the one who would take out Toya was the way to get staying power. Wrong way to go. She should have staying below all the drama her 1st season. She also didn’t get the memo that if Jackie has a problem with you or something about you, you don’t stay long. Kema got you a one and done.

  3. Alicia fell into the trap of trying to beef with Toya for a storyline and it’s corny when newbies do that because Toya is the easiest OG to go after. Sweet Tea showed her value by going toe to toe with Jackie and Heavenly. That takes a bit more audacity and courage lol.

  4. My thought is this if a woman wants to be submissive to there husband I’m fine with it but that’s not my cup of tea. I do think he should have used a better word than trained, because that makes women think like Jackie said a dog. He could have said I taught or showed my wife. That’s way better words than trained.

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