Claudia Jordan Responds to NeNe Leakes Calling Her ‘Thirsty’

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Claudia Jordan is the newest housewife on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and already the newbie is on NeNe Leakes’ bad side.

When Porsha Williams informed NeNe that Claudia had moved to Atlanta thanks to her new gig on Rickey Smiley’s radio show, NeNe immediately called her thirsty.

We’re assuming NeNe made the comment because she figured Claudia was attempting to get a spot on RHOA, but Claudia shared her thoughts recently in her Bravo blog.

She writes:

I thought that was an odd reaction. I mean how is it “thirsty” of me to be in a city where I just got hired to work? I didn’t understand that comment. As someone that always prides herself for being such a hard worker, a hustler, and a worker bee, I was surprised that NeNe would say something that seemed shady about another fellow hard worker like myself, who is just out here making my own money and pursuing my own dreams. The irony of it all is that our professional paths have crossed in Atlanta before, so why would it be “thirsty” of me to be out here now? I auditioned for the Rickey Smiley show and got the job, signed my contract, and relocated like I’m supposed to. So as far as being “thirsty,” I’m actually quite satisfied and whatever thirst I may have had for bookings has clearly been quenched.


  1. I like Nene but she has no filter. Claudia is 100% right, she is not thirsty for relocating to Atlanta for her job and jumping on the opportunity to get more expore through RHOA. Who was Nene before RHOA? I’ll wait… at leat Claudia made a name for herself beforehand.

      1. I never said she was an A-list celebrity. Before RHOA no one new even knew Nene’s name. Claudia was known in the pageant world. She was on the Price is Right and Deal or No Deal, that audience at least knew her by looks. She was on the Apprentice and she had her own radio show. So, yes she was more well known than Nene. That’s the point of my comment.

        1. In what universe has Claudia been more well known than NeNe? NeNe has been a household name since season one of RHOA and she put that entire network and franchise on her back. Now NeNe is on Broadway. Claudia has never been well known. Her face is familiar, that’s it. NeNe has been a household name for years. I notice people keep trying to downplay NeNe’s success but make too much out of the mediocre success of Kenya, Cynthia and now Claudia.

  2. Well, it’s not like Nene was lying. Her actions going after Hammerhead are more than thirsty, seeing that she filmed with his ex all season. But this is Kenya’s “good friend”, so don’t color me surprised!

  3. Boo. Claudia knows exactly why NeNe called her thirsty. I see she’s going to go the Kenya route and play innocent. I’m getting tired of this show.

  4. Oh shut the f-ck up. Nene called you thirsty because everyone knows how much of a hoe you are Claudia. You f-cked up Tom Joyner’s marriage and you use to slut it out with Kim Kardashian and her slut sisters. And let’s not talk about you getting an abortion recently because you found out the man who impregnated you was broke. You’re trash.

  5. Well she is thirsty and very over the top. Let’s keep it real this is not Claudia’s first time trying to get hot in these streets she been looking for a come up for the last 10 years. The fact that she is best friends with desert thirsty Mimi is enough for me to label her thirsty birds of a feather….

    1. Girl, stop with the Nene hatred! What the hell could Claudia possibly have to intimidate Nene with? The woman who essentially put RHOA on the map? According to Claudia (I swear the delusional is contagious for folks dealing with Kenya), she’s already conquered 3 continents, but I still had to Google her to find out who the hell she was. Nene on the other hand, is a household name. I want to say Twirl on that, but at this point, y’all stans are just pathetic.

      1. I actually don’t hate NeNe. She just annoys me but she’s good TV. But she does get intimidated fast because she doesn’t want anyone to come in and become the new Queen Bee.

        1. But no one will ever be “Queen Anything” whilst Nene is still in residence. I don’t know why you guys won’t stop beating that dead horse! NEVAH GONNA HAPPEN!!!

  6. I still don’t see why she has a peach. All her scenes have been boring and pointless. Even arguing with Nene won’t make her less bland.

  7. Oh there was a reason she called her thirsty….it is known how she throws that “cat” around. Lets start w/Jamie Foxx, Tom Joyner…..shall we continue?

  8. Claudia is Thirsty,she got that gig to due to fuc@@@@ Tom Joyner. LIstner to read, she read like a 2nd grade student. She sound so out of place. Please Claudia stop the BS. We know u a thirsty hoe.

  9. Who the hell was nene before rhoa So how come no one else but her can fin duchess thru the show. You people are so one sided

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