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Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA newbie Claudia Jordan is getting backlash for joining the hit reality show since some folks feel she doesn’t deserve a peach since she isn’t married and doesn’t appear to be close to settling down anytime soon.

Although Claudia thinks the criticism is ridiculous since her good and single friend Kenya has been on the show for three seasons, and Kandi wasn’t married when she signed on, Claudia did reveal during her RHOA debut that she once was a wife.

However, Star Magazine dug up court documents and revealed Claudia didn’t really tell the whole truth.

Star writes:

Her former husband is L.A.-based film producer Datari Turner, who’s worked with stars like Demi Moore, James Franco and Katherine Heigl. And no, he and Claudia did not get divorced — their marriage was annulled after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that the contentious couple had fueled their marital impulse with booze! “It was a wild night, and it was a complete mistake,” Datari’s friend tells Star. “I think they regretted it from the moment it happened — I know Datari did, anyway.”

According to court documents obtained by Star, the duo married on Nov. 28, 2009, at a quick-stop chapel in Las Vegas. They separated just three months later, and in April 2010, Claudia filed for an annulment due to “fraud.” Datari followed suit in May, asking for and citing the same.

Claudia was a no-show at the Dec. 29, 2010 trial. Datari was sworn in, and in a trial brief submitted to the court by him and his attorney, Datari claimed he and Claudia became “sexually involved” after he cast her as a “music video vixen” in a film in the summer of 2009. Describing the relationship as “carnal and noncommittal,” he claimed the duo indulged in a wild, post-Thanksgiving “binge of partying and drinking” in Las Vegas that led to their “inebriated” decision to get married on the spot.

Pointing out that the pair lived “independent” lives and he was never “in love” with her, Datari claimed he didn’t remember that they had wed until Claudia brought it up to him the following February! He even admitted that he had a long-term girlfriend working in Chicago the entire time. “At least Datari manned up to everything,” the source tells Star. “Claudia didn’t even bother to show up.”


  1. I told y’all this bird was a old whore. She has no morals, and has never minded sleeping her way to the top. When Nene called her thirsty, she was just stating the truth. Claudia will sleep with anyone who can give her a job. I wouldn’t be surprised if she slept with Rickey Smiley’s nasty a-s too. Kenya doesn’t need to be hanging with this trash.

    1. But Kenya’s past isn’t all that great either. Kenya was smashing drug dealers in Detroit and being a little groupie to dope boys. Claudia used to run with Kim K. Enough said.

      1. Kenya has been linked to married men too (besides Apollo). They’re both beautiful single women who never got married because they were too busy being mistresses. Birds of a feather.

      2. Kenya was smashing drug dealer? How do you know that story is true. You people would believe anything. Hey, look up the sky is gray. I’m sure ya would believe that too.

        1. Ok. Let me get you together real quick. I don’t usually interact with you because you’re like an annoying gnat feeding on horse manure. Look, I’m not like you. To me, this is just a reality show and every woman on here is fair game to gossip because they signed up for the fame. Kenya is not God, she can be talked about. If that bothers you, there’s an X on the right hand corner of the screen you can click on. Get out of your feelings and stop worshiping reality stars who don’t give a damn about you. I’m not the one. I don’t stan for any of these birds. All of them act like they are in high school and embarrass themselves for a little change. So yeah, I’m inclined to believe they lack morals and have questionable pasts because if they didn’t, they’d have better career goals than RHOA. They’re just a source of entertainment for me. You take all this way too seriously.

          And yes, Kenya’s tea has been out here for a long time. People from Detroit been pulled her card. If you don’t like what people in Detroit have to say about her, you can hop on a plane and go see bout it. But as for me, I can type whatever I want on this here blog and you can twirl your salty self right on out of here. People don’t have to like Kenya. Life goes on. Goodbye.

      1. I called it. I told y’all I don’t feel good about Claudia and Kenya needs to watch her back. I really don’t like Claudia.

    1. I could see right through it though. People have been talking about Claudia for a while now. I’ve always heard she slept with Tom Joyner and didn’t care he was married.

    2. Ya don’t like her because she’s not on team phony phaedra. BY THE WAY PORSHA AND PHAEDRA sleept around too. Ya just have alot of hatred for Cynthia, kenya, and claudia.

      1. Girl hush. You’d be on here laughing if this was tea on Porsha. You Kenya stans are just as phony and hypocritical as your God. And if Claudia wasn’t cool with Kenya, you wouldn’t be on here about to bust a blood vessel. Y’all take the fun out of RHOA. Seasons ago, we could all come together and laugh at these women and call all of them out on their BS. Now you lames are actually creating teams (Team Pretty *barfs*) and acting like people are on here insulting your mothers. Grow up. It’s just a reality show and no one on there is innocent.

  2. So she slept with the video director and knew all along he had a serious girlfriend. Took advantage of him when he got drunk and didn’t even tell him they were married until months later. Claudia sounds like a snake. But this man should have been faithful. You reap what you sow.

  3. I knew the tea was going to start pouring. Claudia wanted a peach well here you go bish. Now all your dirt will be exposed.

  4. Shout out to the person on here who said Claudia had a career before RHOA. Nah, she was sleeping around trying to secure one.

    1. Claudia had a career. Ya just dont like her because she’s kenya’s friend. If was porsha friend, ya would love her.

      1. Girl what? I don’t stan for Porsha. What are you even talking about? And I knew Claudia was a thot a long time ago. Where you been? LOL.

    2. Yeah…that was Team Delusion trying to convince us that Claudia was more of a household name than Nene! Oh, okay!!!

      1. I believe that was me. No one said she was a househould name. People see what they want to see. She is known in the Beauty Pageant world and she’s been in radio. Before the show she had more of a name than Nene. That was my whole point. I like Nene, I just don’t like her approach sometimes. Nene is well known thanks to Glee and her gig on broadway. No one is knocking that. You guys are on Team Twirl or Team Rich or whatever group name they have this year. I can’t keep up with the friendships. The only person that I really like is Kandi. So, #teamkandi

        1. If the shoe fit…. You want to claim this, go right ahead, but Nene has ALWAYS been more well known than Claudia before she got on Glee and Broadway. Nene put RHOA on the map from Season 1, and helped to make Bravo as popular as it is. In no world, other than Mars, would Claudia George have ever equaled or surpassed that level of popularity. Not opening up suitcases on Deal or No Deal like she was doing. And another thing, most of us on here are “Team No One”, we call it as we see it, and everyone gets a piece…good or bad. The problem with you stans, is that you take the fun out of the process. This is not high school, and we are not on the playground. #teambullsh-t

          1. My original post, I believe it was the article where Nene called Claudia thirsty was that Nene was not known before the show. Which is true. I was elaborating on what I said in the first place. I don’t dislike Nene but I don’t stan for her either.

    3. Thanks for the shout out. She worked in radio, she worked as a model. That’s a career. Never said what she did to get there. That’s not my problem. I don’t live on these blogs. I look on my breaks at work or at home. That’s all I said. Nene herself admits she was a housewife before the show and Gregg was the breadwinner. Things have changed and I applaud her for that. But I’m #teamkandi.

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