Toni Braxton Having Child Support Drama?

Photo Credit: WE tv
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star Toni Braxton separated from Keri Lewis back in 2009, but new reports suggest Toni is battling her ex in court over his alleged failure to fork over child support.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

The Braxton Family Values star filed the child support contempt lawsuit on October 31st in Georgia court against her ex Keri Lewis. The case is in regards to support that Lewis is to pay Braxton for their children Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis and Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis.

According to Braxton’s bankruptcy documents, she is to receive $2K a month from Lewis for support for their two children.

Reportedly, the contempt lawsuit is seeking to have a court order find that Lewis has not been paying the ordered support and to have a order to get the back child support paid immediately.


      1. She can be doing better then Toni monetarily (thanks to Vince) but she will never be a bigger star than Toni is and THAT is what she wants desperately!

        1. But who’s checking for Toni like that in 2014? Tamar is everywhere. She is on three shows, and her album did well. I wouldn’t say Toni is more well known anymore. I’d say they’re even know fame wise.

  1. I know times can get rough, but as a man and a father, you have to do what you have to do to support your kids. I don’t understand how some men go so long without paying child support.

  2. That is why artists have to save and invest their money while their careers are in a good place. Longevity is very hard to achieve in the music business. So many people end up broke once the buzz wears off and fans move on to newer/younger artists.

  3. My gold digger senses tell me Toni could have played her cards right and married an older wealthy man. Why didn’t she?

  4. Ppl need to get their facts straight.She didn’t file for child support cause she is broke,infact she is doing pretty well for herself and taking care of business thanx to album sales and tours.This is about her ex husband not taking care of his end of the bargain…

    1. Lies you tell. Toni may not be broke but she did file for bankruptcy this year. Her problem has always been she’s not very good with money and spends too much too fast. I could have swore she bought a $6 million house a few months after she filed for bankruptcy. That goes to show you she’s still a fool when it comes to her money. And that album she released with Babyface flopped and she’s not even on the list for the top touring acts this year or last year. So let’s not lie on here boo.

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