K Michelle Talks Memphitz Lawsuit & Why She’s Still Afraid of Him

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star and R&B singer K Michelle has a new album set to drop soon, and she’s been doing press rounds to promote her upcoming release.

Unfortunately for K, she’s also in the middle of court proceedings since her ex-boyfriend Memphitz is suing her, VH1 and Mona Scott Young for defamation.

In a new interview with The Fader, she makes it clear that she’s still very much afraid of her ex.

The Fader writes:

K. Michelle’s own story is one that’s familiar to viewers of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta—and it’s landed her with a lawsuit, not that this prevents her from going into furious detail today. “My ex is suing for defamation of character,” she says, rolling her eyes. “I never said his name once on TV; I just talked about my story. And no, he didn’t punch me. But I got dragged along the floor. I got a towel put over my face—not once, but twice. I blacked out to the point where I could’ve died. I was screaming down the hallway, ‘Help me, he’s trying to kill me.’ But society’s saying, oh, that doesn’t matter because he didn’t punch you. His family said that because I wasn’t ‘Rihanna-like,’ it wasn’t abuse. Abuse comes in all forms: physical, mental. And for me to have physical abuse happen, but for society to say it isn’t to their standards—you know, for the women I’m fighting for, that lets me know how sick things are. It lets me know a lot of women are getting abused, but they think it’s OK.”

Warming to her task, K. Michelle touches on the NFL’s recent mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case: “A lot of organizations won’t take action. Not until somebody’s dead. Women call the police all the time about abuse and they don’t do anything. You know, I’m still scared of my ex. He told me he would never leave me alone. So I don’t know if I’m going to wake up to him bashing me. I still have to go through a court case against the person that abused me. They allow him to sit and stare at me. Something has to happen for women and I’m going to keep fighting. It’s sickening and disgusting.”


  1. As much as K annoys me and disappoints me, I still believe her to this day. Memphitz acted abusive towards her on Instagram when the show first came on. And he’s the only person I have never seen her clap back to. I do believe she’s afraid of him.

    1. Agreed. When he got on Instagram and said he made her, it was confirmed for me. That is how abusive men talk to their victims.

  2. She is right though. People don’t like to label all abusive behavior abusive. For a lot of people it isn’t domestic violence unless a man punches you in the face at least once. Never mind that emotional abuse has longer lasting effects.

    1. Obviously you have not read the court deposition. He admitted to a lot of what K is saying on what took place in that hotel and his own cousin, who was the first on to arrive on the scene, confirmed that K. was hysterical and makeup and hair was in a disarray. And we all know how K is about her makeup and hair. The cousin also confirmed that Memphitz told her/him (don’t remember the name off the top of my head) that he put an object over K’s face and when he removed it she wasn’t saying anything at first (blackout) then she started saying “It’s me, It’s me, It’s K.” and Memphitz said “I know”. Memphitz cousin also confirmed about K running down the hall saying he is trying to kill me per what Memphitz told him/her at the scene. If you are going to make statements about belief, at least do some research. The sworn in statements are located on Karen Civil.com. Also since I am providing a little background knowledge, Mona, K, and Viacom are counter-suing Memphitz for lying under oath in his deposition. So when it is all over with, K. is going to have all of Toya’s coins because we know Memphitz has no income.

  3. I believe K. Michelle…she was willing to put up with the abuse because she loved Memphitz. Now, that he’s married Toya…K.Michelle have moved on with her life, he want money…he’s not going to get sh*t but his feelings hurt. Men who abuse women are “COWARDS” at heart!

  4. She is telling the truth and you really dont need ANY evidence to tell! All you need to do is watch Memphitz and his posts on instagram and twitter! I swear that’s all you need! He posts threats and other sly posts then later deletes them after fans attack him. Also, I was defending K on balleralert on instagram and all of a sudden I get a follow from his attorney! I’m not sure she realizes that I am in fact aware of who she is tho! She is acting just like her client! LMAO!!!!

  5. K. Michelle is NOT lying! You don’t even need evidence to prove it! Just watch what he posts on instagram and twitter! He threatens her and makes sly remarks every now and then but quickly deletes them after her fans as well as random people call him out. Also, I was defending K on a post on balleralert and his attorney followed me! I dont think she knows that I am in fact aware of who she is! She’s acting just like her client!!! LMAO!!!

  6. K. Michelle is NOT lyng! All you need to do is watch his twitter and instagram posts. He harasses her and makes sly remarks! Also, I was defending her on a post on balleralerts instagram and out of nowhere his attorney followed me! I’m not sure that she knows that I am in fact aware of who she is! She acts just like her client too!

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