Kandi Burruss is Tired of People Coming for Todd Tucker

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss probably will never be able to check her mother about her sour attitude towards her husband Todd Tucker, but that doesn’t mean she won’t check his social media critics.

Apparently the RHOA star and business woman is just about sick and tired of people making Todd out to be some jobless opportunist.

When a fan of the show made some not so kind remarks about Todd, Kandi clapped back on Twitter (read tweets from top to bottom):

kandi twitter


  1. I don’t see Todd as an opportunist at all. What I do see is Kandi being a weak boss who needs to clearly defined the Boss/Employee role in her company. Don Juan is incredibly disrespectful to her, and her husband. He needs to know his damn place!

  2. Todd is not a kept a man he actually works smh. But Mama Joyce is the one that started this trend of questioning Todd’s work and disrespecting Todd. None of Kandi’s people respect Todd not Mama Joyce even though she seems to have gotten a little better, Don Juan is disrespecting him so of course trolls on twitter are going to come for him because of they see him getting disrespected on tv.

  3. The main ones calling Todd a gold digger are dating jobless bums who don’t even take them out on dates. Sit all the way down.

  4. I used to think Todd was using Kandi but he’s proven himself to be a hard worker who grinds hard to make his own dreams happen. He married Kandi and his hustle still hasn’t stopped. He’s ok in my book.

  5. They need to leave Todd alone. He had a career before Kandi and actually was making more money than most of the people trying to shade him. Just saying.

  6. I know Kandi is sick and Tired of people trying to make Todd out to be some scrub. Newsflash, a scrub does not have a job and his own money. Todd had both coming into the relationship. Leave that man alone.

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