Lil Wayne Stands by His Tweets

Photo Credit: Young Money/Facebook
Photo Credit: Young Money/Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne was set to drop a studio album this month, but he notified fans on his Twitter account that after numerous push backs, the album would once again not be dropping on December 9.

Weezy also confused his supporters and revealed that his relationship with Birdman had gone sour and he now wants nothing more to do with Cash Money Records.

The rapper even referred to himself as a prisoner of the record label.

While some figured his account had been hacked, Weezy stands by his tweets and during a recent performance, he tells his fans:

“I will be out of there soon and I do it for y’all.”

Check out the video below:


  1. Young Thug won’t be able to carry Cash Money, and I’m sure Drake will be leaving as well. ANY record label is going to want Nicki AND Drake.

    1. Yeah Young Thug is more of a one hit wonder. He won’t be popping in a couple of years. Drake, Nicki and Weezy have already proven they can have longevity.

  2. If Wayne leaves, it will be a ripple effect. I don’t see Drake and Nicki staying. You can tell they only stuck around for Wayne.

  3. And Birdman basically said F Wayne when he posted that picture with Rich Gang he made it clear that Rich Gang is his priority now. Say whatever you want about Wayne but he been carrying Cash Money for years he the one that really took them to the next level and this is how they repay him treating him like a flop. Wayne should have left when he had the chance.

  4. Well that’s the music industry for you. When a label thinks an artist has reached their shelf life, they push them to the side for who they think will be the next big thing. But the new artists they keep trying to make happen can’t even go gold.

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