NeNe Leakes Refuses to Give Kenya Moore Attention

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore has been calling out NeNe Leakes for not yet cutting a check for the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, especially since it was NeNe who dared Kenya to cut the check first.

Now that Kenya has donated away her $20,000 to the cause, she’s waiting on NeNe to do the same.

But during NeNe’s recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” when Andy Cohen tried to ask NeNe about her donation, she made it clear she’s not trying to give Kenya any time in her interviews and she could never be in the same circle with NeNe and Kim Zolciak.

She says:

“I’m sure she wants us to discuss her but we’re not…On the to the next question! When I feel like it, just like when she felt like it. It took her 10 months to cough it up — she just want us to talk about her and we not. Girl you’re not a part of this circle, never will be.”

Check out the video below:


      1. Exactly! By tweeting in, Kenya showed all and sundry that she was at home watching Nene and Kim cut up on WWHL! When she was on, I know Nene was off doing something important, and non-Kenya related. As it should be!!!

  1. I feel like they drag some of the same story lines out for way too long. Why are we still on Apollo’s text messages and the charity donation? I mean really, who cares? I’d love to see the ratings for this season. I bet they are on the decline. I used to watch every week, but now I skip very often and just get recaps on reality tv blogs instead.

  2. Oh, Kenya? When will you stop trying to use Nene for relevance? NEVER.GONNA.HAPPEN, Boo!

    Love how Nene shut her down with “Girl you’re not a part of this circle, never will be.” Kenya is so damn pathetic!

  3. Nene will cut the check in about a year like Kenya did. I don’t recall Nene asking her constantly where the money was during that time frame, so why is Kenya tripping?

  4. Am I the only that can’t stand Nene Leaks? I could care less for Kenya either but Nene just rubs be the wrong way.

  5. I know Nene wants to pay Kenya dust but since Bravo made RHOA The Kenya Moore Show this season, they will push her to acknowledge Kenya at some point.

  6. I Loved seeing NeNe & Kim together that night. They both blossomed from season 1, looked gorgeous and really complimented each other fashion wise. However, I can’t help but wonder would NeNe really be sitting there next to Kim had she not fell out with Cynthia or Marlo?

    1. Kim and Nene made up at her wedding last year so I think she would’ve been beside Kim regardless of her fallout with Cynthia and Marlo.

  7. Nene looked great in that dress and I was feeling the hair; makeup was a step up from the last time she appeared on WWHL. That is all.

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