K Michelle Comes Clean About Idris Elba & Drags Lil Kim

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star K Michelle hinted in the past about having a former romance with Idris Elba, but she refused to dish the details in her interviews out of respect for the actor.

We’re not sure what happened to make her change her mind about staying mum on the relationship but she dished the details in her recent interview with The Breakfast Club.

On Idris, she says they were together for 8 months but broke it off so he could make things work with his girlfriend and their new baby. However, her new album “Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart” is based on the romance. K says:

“He’s not married. And umm, like I said to him, I sent him these records before they came out. He said, ‘This is art. I hate that we at this place, but this is art’. It’s no hate for Idris. He actually was a good man and my thing is, you have to go raise your child. And what I’m not gonna do is get in the way of that. I’m not in the way of his baby mother and his family right now.

“He had the baby and it was just kind of like, I’m not going to be in the middle of this so I walked away from it. What kind of woman am I to say, ‘Okay, leave your family and come and be with me.'”

K also had a few words for those who may be salty about the relationship:

“Don’t be mad at me because I f*cked your Man Crush Monday.”


In related news, K also had some not so nice things to say about Lil Kim. When Lil Kim dropped by The Breakfast Club recently, she claimed K lied about her asking the singer to be her daughter Reign’s god mother.

K clapped back with the following:

“I swear for crackers and cheese—God strike me down—that girl asked me to be the godmother of her child. And I thought it was awkward myself.

“Her face is stretched back too tight, it probably affected her brain. I just feel bad for her face. Don’t talk to me until you get your original face back.”

Check out the video below:


  1. K may be quiet on social media nowadays, but she’s still messy as hell. I didn’t really need to know that Idris hit that, but fine as his a-s is, and as much p-ss that gets thrown his way, I’d be shocked if he didn’t honestly. Sigh, another crush bites the dust!

  2. K didn’t get the memo about Idris. He’s fine but he’s a man whore. He will f-ck anything that strips for a living (or used to) and has a big booty.

  3. Ughhhhhh I can’t believe my husband just sleeps wit anything that has a p-ss….so samn sad right now and kinda feel dumb too cuZ I actually met him in real life and he was very nice and thought it was cute how I was acting all star struck…..fck I could’ve had that b4 K had it bish

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