First Week Album Sales Projections Released for K Michelle & J Cole

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle and J Cole just released new studio albums and the early projections for their first week of sales have already been revealed.

According to the projections, J Cole will have a strong first week and K Michelle’s numbers aren’t too shabby either.

Hit Daily Double writes:

J. Cole is “Apparently” (to borrow his single title) headed for a boffo bow; he’s due to unseat Taylor Swift for #1 on next week’s chart. Here are this week’s key releases, with album reads first, followed by Sales Plus Streaming (SPS):

J. Cole (Roc Nation/Columbia) 320-350k sales / 335-360k SPS
Carrie Underwood (19/Arista Nashville) 85-90k sales / 90-95k SPS
K. Michelle (Atlantic) 75-80k sales / 80-85k SPS
Smashing Pumpkins (BMG) 17-19k sales / 18-20k SPS


      1. Oh but wait, Tamar solid over 100,000 copies in her first week. So what’s K’s excuse again? #TheMoreYouKnow

  1. Interesting. I think artists like J. Cole and Beyonce are proving that you don’t need hit singles to sell albums. I wonder what message this sends to the labels who keep trying to force the Iggy Azaleas and Ariane Grandes down out throats because the sales don’t match the hype.

  2. I knew J Cole would slay. He has a solid fan base. And as for K Mart (as one of you so wonderfully referred to her on here), she will never see Queen Tamar’s numbers. Poor thing.

  3. k.michelle has good numbers to be up there with carrie underwood. u dont see carrie underwood hating on miranda lambert they r making songs together.

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