Stevie J Gets Help

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Stevie J has been having lots of issues with unpaid child support as well as substance abuse problems.

In fact, it’s an ongoing battle over a million dollars in unpaid child support payments that forced him to take a drug test, and when he tested positive for cocaine, he stated on Twitter that he would kick the habit on his own.

But now sources claim he was unsuccessful and he has been ordered to check in to rehab.

Page Six writes:

He’s blowing it.

Reality TV star and music producer Steven “Stevie J” Jordan will be shipped to an inpatient drug program after flunking ten drug tests for coke and weed while out on bail on a child support case, Manhattan prosecutors said Tuesday.

Jordan was busted in Atlanta in June for failing to pay $1.1 million in court-ordered child support payment for a boy, 17, and girl, 15, who live with their mother in Pennsylvania.

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member and Grammy winner was released on $25,000 bail by a Manhattan federal judge this summer — but has since failed a string of random drug tests mandated by the terms of his release.

The feds said Jordan tested positive for marijuana and cocaine in urine samples 10 times between June and this month.


  1. When you try and force an addict in rehab…they will lie and say anything to stay on the drugs. Stevie J has to want it, until then he will stay addictive…only the addict can help themselves. I wish the best for him…if he don’t get help everything he come in contact with, it will “Fail”. It’s a “Disease”!

  2. While I do think he needs to be in rehab, it’s pointless if he didn’t go because he wanted to. People don’t get help until they want it themselves.

  3. The sad thing is I’m sure the drugs play a role in why he’s so ratchet and entertaining. If he ever gets his life together, Mona will give him the boot.

  4. Well to be real, most of the people on the ATL show are probably on some kind of drugs. I think deep down inside most of them hate whoring themselves out to VH1 to pay their bills and the drugs are the only way they can cope with it.

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