Tamar Braxton Blames K Michelle for Voice Critics

Photo Credit: Facebook/BET
Photo Credit: Facebook/BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singers Tamar Braxton and K Michelle became rivals instantly after Tamar made her allegiance to Toya Wright amid the accusations K made about Memphitz, and after numerous Twitter beefs and shady interviews, it’s pretty clear both will never be friendly.

However, Tamar’s issues with K have gotten a little more personal and she blames K Michelle’s comments about her voice for why there are many who weren’t aware of Tamar’s talent as a vocalist.

No Mercy for Your FAVES writes:

Tamar cannot get mad if K. Michelle claps back…

tamar twitter


  1. She will blame everything on K. if she could. The truth is people were criticizing her voice way before she got into with K. Tamar has a great voice, but she struggles sometimes when she performs.

  2. She can’t be serious smh. Tamar shut the hell up with these drama antics. Everybody knows Tamar can sing but she can be really off sometimes that’s not Kmichelle’s fault that’s her fault K just used that against her when they were beefing. Tamar can talk about any and everybody but she always wants to be the victim girl bye.

  3. She’s so insecure it’s sad. Does she ever take a break from responding to every single thing? I know it has to exhausting.

  4. This chick is so child like. Where is her husband? Tamar can just sing that’s it she is not an entertainer, she can talk a lot of sh-t but when it comes to being an artist she is on social media talking trash. Next year Tamar will be a one hit wonder, she has a song out now that just flopped.

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