Vivica A. Fox Talks ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ & Kenya Moore Beef

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Vivica A. Fox revealed on social media months ago that she’s not a fan of Kenya Moore, and insiders later revealed that Kenya and Vivica fell out during filming for “Celebrity Apprentice” because Kenya stole Vivica’s phone and tweeted some rather embarrassing tweets from her account.

Vivica stopped by Access Hollywood Live to dish on the drama and she says she was surprised Kenya acted the way she did because they were friends when they first began taping.

Contact Music writes:

Without naming names, the movie star said, “There was definitely some goods that were taken and some attitude that came to follow… The person got what was coming to her.”

Fox confessed she “bumped claws” with Moore, adding she now feels “nothing for her”.

And she admitted she was disappointed in the former Miss Usa, because “I’ve known her for quite a long time”.

She added, “We definitely started off the show as friends, but we didn’t end the show in the same accord… Kenya is a very smart girl, but I think she makes crazy decisions.”


  1. Kenya and her stans have already spun this and now they’re saying it was just a “prank.” Kenya needs to stop taunting people. One day someone will do her worse than Porsha did.

    1. No one with sense believes what she did was a prank. It was theft, point, blank period. Now let someone have done that to Kenya and she would have called the police and filed a police report against them.

      1. Bingo. She would have called the police in no time. But every time she does something despicable, she’s just playing.

      1. Girl, for the last time, no one on here is a damn Porsha stan. Y’all have got to stop assuming everyone who doesn’t like Kenya is a Porsha stan. No, Kenya is just that damn unlikable, especially when she does mess like steal cell phones.

  2. I swear Kenya won’t be satisfied until someone beats the breaks off of her. Merry Christmas I hope everybody got what they wanted.

  3. Kenya is only hurting herself in the long run. When you’re always a villain, the opportunities start to decline.

  4. What is there left to say about Miss WHO.S.A that hasn’t been said already? That trick is crazy, and Vivica is just the one to sober her up, quick.

  5. So the rumor is true. It’s a shame Kenya is so desperate to stand out on these shows that she’ll do just about anything no matter how terrible it makes her look.

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