Kenya Moore Moves Forward with Hair Care Line

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore hinted months ago that her hair care line is in the works, but now the reality star confirms the products will be available in March.

The  line will be for natural hair, weaves and even those with relaxers. Kenya promises the products will help hair grow.

She posted the following video to Instagram and writes in the caption:

A video posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

Hello #2015 to all my ladies who are frustrated with the health or length of their hair #moorehaircare products can help you achieve your hair goals. I now have waist length hair by using my own hair care products to strengthen and nourish your real hair so that it’s stronger and can grow longer. Sign up at to receive samples when they ship next month. #moorehaircare available March 2015! #longhairjourney #naturalhair #noweave #realhair #allhairtypes #luxuryhaircare


    1. That’s what the hair industry doesn’t want you to know. If more people knew that, no one would buy hair products. Anyway I know someone who grew up with Kenya and they say her hair has always been thick and long. It’s definitely genetics. But hey, get that paper.

      1. But you’re the most pathetic person on this blog. Like what person of substance stans for a reality star? You might as well stan for Kim Kardashian. None of these people do anything worth praise. Stan for people who have real talent and careers in 2015. Can you do that?

  1. False advertising. No product can make a person’s hair long. She’d be better off just saying the products can make your hair healthier.

  2. She’s selling a dream. And when people get the product and their hair doesn’t grow or look like hers, it will be a sh-t storm.

  3. Sigh Kenya just really annoys me with her hair like she makes it seem like she is so special with long hair. I understand being proud of your hair but newsflash you aren’t the only black woman with long hair get over yourself.

    1. I’m actually kind of offended to see so many black women fawn over her hair like she’s the only sista out here with long and thick hair. She’s not special. A lot of naturals have some long and thick/healthy hair.

  4. I don’t care for her but she has gorgeous hair. But the issue is there’s really nothing you can buy to get long hair. Genetics and a simple regime are the only two things that can do that.

  5. Pass. There’s a lot of us with natural hair and our hair is long and healthy. It’s not products that makes your hair grow anyway. My hair is long and I’m positive it’s because of genetics. My mother’s hair grows fast too.

  6. I’m not sure if it’s genetics or not, but anyone can achieve length if they take good care of their hair.

  7. I think this will do well. And black women can have long hair. All we have to do is kick the harsh chemicals to the curb and take care of our tresses.

    1. Nah, I think you’re the one who’s mad on here. I guess we’re not praising Kenya’s hair enough for you. No need to hide behind “LOL,” let it all out.

  8. I got my hair to waist length by just keeping it simple and cutting out a lot of products in my regime. Kenya probably does the same.

  9. Kenya is my girl but she’s had long hair all her life. So she’s not the right person to sell this kind of product. I’d rather purchase from someone who was not born with long hair because they actually had to do something to get it long.

    1. I agree. I have natural hair. I use to dye and perm my hair and would have breakage. Since I have been natural and care for my own hair, my hair is really long. It is 4 inches past my shoulder and actually that is the length that I prefer it to be. I keep it trimmed and moisturized. I think I would believe in the product if I saw a woman’s (before) short, breakage hair and (after)lengthy and healthy after pics. For sure not a celebrity. That’s like buying into the celebrity weight watcher and Nutrisystem diet commercials. Jennifer Hudson (once a big girl) can afford trainers and cooks to keep her aligned to Weight Watchers and the same goes for Marie Osmond.

  10. She’s claimed for years now that she never uses hair pieces and is au natural, yet her costars have called BS on that claim just as often. Her hair may be long, but per usual she’s lied enough that I could never buy what she’s selling. I’ll pass, thanks!!!

  11. Kenya straightens her hair. That is not it’s natural state, gorgeous as it is. I have hair tha falls past my shoulder and its curly. When I get a blow out, forget abou it, it’s as long as Kenya’s. So, I’m not sure what the hype is about. It’s in my genes and I take care of my hair. Never wore a weave or had a perm a day in my life.

  12. I think she will do very well. I also think your products are just as important as your regimen. If your products do not have enough moisturizing ingredients the hair will be more apt to break off.
    I use different products for different styles i.e. shea moisture for my curly days, biosilk for my straight days. As well as keratin oil.
    My products are like clothing I don’t wear a coat in the summer.

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