Kenya Moore Calls NeNe Leakes out for Being Fake

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore had a big night in television yesterday considering she was on three shows in one night (Celebrity Apprentice, RHOA and Watch What Happens Live), but she still made time to tweet live during last night’s episode.

Kenya feels some kind of way about NeNe Leakes shading her after they seemingly made amends on last week’s episode.

She tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

kenya moore twitter


  1. Kenya, I don’t think you comprehend well…Nene, never said you all was friends. Nene, said that you all need to clear the air so all of you can be civilized women.

  2. For Kenya to claim she’s so intelligent, she has an awful memory and terrible comprehension skills. NeNe never said they were friends, and Kenya doesn’t have any female friends anyway so what does it even matter?

  3. But you were talking about Nene having “hooves ” in your confessional, yet want to call her fake? B-tch please!

  4. Kenya is just doing what she does best. Hyping her stans up to go after everyone else on the show. If you read her Twitter you can see she’s the one who made the show and her fans very nasty. The whole show has changed for the worse since she’s joined.

  5. She’s always playing the victim. Now Kenya has called Nene everything but a child of God but the moment Nene shades her back it’s a problem and she’s fake? Girl go sit your ashy butt down.

  6. Well to be honest, all of them are fake then. They only deal with each other for the show. Phaedra and Kandi are the closest thing to friends on the whole show.

  7. She was crying about people calling her a whore but has no problem calling NeNe a moose and a b-tch. I’m sleep tho.

  8. I’m not up on this show at all but from my observation based on the comments it appears that this lady needs friends, a man, and a career. It just might suck to be her.

  9. Kenya wrote the book on being fake. She is the one who made the show go from real to completely scripted and manufactured. Beginning with her fake relationship with Walter. We have yet to see who she really is and we never will. She came in being a caricature like Omarosa. Anyway, the show isn’t good anymore.

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